Celebrate October events With Custom Promotional Products

The month of October is probably best known for breast cancer awareness events, health marathons and pink ribbon magnets. However, this month has many other less popular events that deserve celebration as well. Make a noise and buzz with promotional gifts and make your monthly promotions successful.

Make a noise and buzz with promotional gifts

International Coffee Day

Falling on the first day of October, International Coffee Day will make a perfect way to kick start your brand promotions. Celebrate the popularity of coffee and honor all those caffeine lovers with some great custom gifts like custom coffee packs for office or home. Your recipients will love your brand even more every time they enjoy a caffeine kick. You can even dude it up with ceramic mugs to make a perfect equation to start the day. Personalize these with your brand and message and see how these logo items will make your brand the hottest banter topic in town!

Boss’s Day

16th October is celebrated as Boss’s Day, which makes a perfect occasion to show some love to all the amazing bosses. Some of the branded merchandise for the day include custom travel tumblers or hats and caps for the outdoorsy bosses; branded pens or clocks for the nerdy and the pragmatic bosses , wine chillers or glassware items for the fun loving bosses and golf promotional items for the tee lovers. We have a lot more custom products which will help you to show your appreciation for the bosses.

Custom Imprinted Sassy Ball Point Pens

National Chocolate Day

28th October is National Chocolate Day and a great time for everyone to indulge in the sinless passion of chocolates. The best thing man has ever discovered, chocolates deserve a great celebration for sure. Marketers can consider chocolates and gift boxes to spread their message far and wide topped with a sweet note. Nobody can resist the temptation of chocolates and your brand will be remembered for one more special reason after this day! Go for it!

1 Oz Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars


Last but not a bit the least in the event list of October, Halloween, which falls on the 31st of October will make a great way to wind up the month. A holiday that is worth a true celebration, Halloween will add some laughter, hilarity and naughty charm to your promotions. Plan a costume party for your employees or hand out some eerie custom gifts like glow in the dark necklaces, skull mug and more that will impress your audience and scare off the real ghosts on prowl ( if any)!

Remember to celebrate both the well known and little known festivals that October has and turn the holiday mood to your brand promotion advantage. It makes a true win – win situation. So, how are you planning to celebrate the events for the month? Share your thoughts for sure.

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