Business Gifts that Make Your Clients Feel Special

 Corporate gifts reflect your brand image and identity and display your message in front of the world outside. So, it is important to choose custom giveaways that are classic, unique and unusual. Show how your brand stands out among the competitors, by handing out some of these interesting custom handouts that will leave the rest of the players in the fray, jealous. 

Here are some  custom corporate gifts that will  offer value for your prospects while displaying your brand.

Power banks

In today’s digital world, tech accessories continue to be the top favorites in corporate gifts.  It Is indeed useful for everyone to keep their devices powered up when plug sockets are not available. Also, there cant be a better way to get your message into the daily lives of your audience than these tech accessories for sure. These portable gadgets often get exchanged among the users, thereby making your logo their conversation topic.

Practical and used on a regular basis, custom power banks will  get your prospects remember your brand each time they need to charge their phone or other devices. Available in various sleek models including those with multiple functions, custom power banks are hard to miss!

Custom hats

Now that summer season is rolling in and most people are planning their outdoor holidays, printed hats will make an interesting corporate gift to consider. Hats are popular apparel accessories used by everyone and in different situations.  Ideal for both chilly and sunny days or simply on a bad hair day, hats will ensure instant makeover to the dressing style of everyone.  Your clients will be more than happy to wear these limited edition branded hats with an understated logo on it. Easy to customize and distribute, custom hats will easily turn your prospects into your brand advocates.

Water bottles

In the world of corporate gifts, custom water bottles have an everlasting presence thanks to its incredible utility. Available in various popular models like BPA free plastic water bottles, classic glass water bottles or the incredibly functional insulated water bottles that will let your recipients enjoy their beverage hot or cold as they wish.  This means your brand and message printed on these drinkware items will remain in front of the audience for  months or even years to reinforce your brand familiarity. Drinkware items are one of the first 5 most popular handouts among marketers, for their greater longevity than other gifts.


Branded notebooks are highly useful, yet budget friendly corporate gifts that will easily fit every promotional plan of yours. These logo items will take your message right on to the work desks of  the clients. It might not be an exceptional gift idea among corporate giveaways; but are definitely worth investing in to engage the clients band customers with your brand and enhance your professional image.

 Which of these custom giveaways are you planning to handout your clients during the upcoming business event? Share your ideas with us  to join an interesting conversation.