Best Home Gym Essentials 2022

Most Americans have indeed got accustomed to the idea of staying fit while at home, post pandemic.

Here are some custom fitness items that will fit the bills of the fitness savvy and the newbies who might just have included fitness into their 2022 New Years’ Resolutions.

Fitness is still something that is on top of the minds of most Americans, which means 2022 is likely to be another big year for promotional products that can be used as home gym staples!

Stretch bands

Besides, Exercise bands are easy to use and popular across all fitness savvy groups including novices and experts alike. Choose from a wide range of models at easy rates to bolster your brand image. Getting 6 pack muscles is easily attainable for anyone with these handy fitness items. So, customize it with fitness taglines and artwork that will surely amp up the users.

Jump Ropes

A great at-home cardio option,  jump ropes imprinted with your message will definitely make your message easily noticed.In addition, these wellness items will also enhance your brand recognition through regular client usage.  Therefore, add your logo on these  giveaways to make it stay in front of the users and everyone around.

Protein Shakers

Practical yet budget friendly, protein shakers can be used for all sorts of drinks. It will indeed make a great addition to any event gift bag!


Help  your clients and employees keep a count of their daily steps with these simple accessories of  printed pedometers. Choose from a wide range of popular models including solar powered pedometers, FM radio pedometers and more.

Cooling Towels

Lightweight and cost effective, cooling towels are something every person working up a sweat needs. Choose from a wide range of colors and sizes

Fitness bottles

 Staying hydrated after the work out is something that is crucial for every fitness enthusiast. Sports bottles with sipper lids will undoubtedly make a great choice to consider. These bottles that are made in USA  are made of PET material and are Proposition 65 compliant.

Yoga mats

Yoga mats are multifunctional and can be used  during workouts, yoga sessions or even  on the beach or garden. Choose from a wide range of sizes and models including those with carry bags. Your logo and message imprinted on these will certainly get a lot of eyes for sure.


Moisture wicking T shirts will make great giveaways for anyone who takes their fitness schedules rather seriously. Choose from a wide range of colors and models to suit your promotional needs and budget.

Whether fitness is your business or you’re trying to promote an active lifestyle among your clients or employees, these products will make a great choice. For more tips on home gym marketing campaign, reach out to our team.