Best Custom Tech Gifts to Put Under the Tree This Holiday

Holiday season gifts need not always be the classic favorites of chocolates and cookies. Gifts that align with the changing times will look great under the tree this holiday. Even the Santa’s secret gift list will have some trending technology items for the stocking stuffers and down the chimney gift bags of the earthly mortals this season!

Best Custom Tech Gifts to Put Under the Tree This Holiday

For the marketers who are scouting for the best corporate gifts and holiday gifts for their clients and employees, we have hand- picked a few of the trending tech gifts that everyone will love and make their life easier too. The good thing is that these gifts will also look good under the tree. We bet, everyone’s wish list will have these popular gifts considering the immense popularity that these logo items enjoy in the current digital world. Life would have been a tad slow and bland but for these tech items that have wiped off the fine line between work and play and have made the daily schedules interesting and fun filled.

Here we go with some technology gifts that you would love to make the stocking stuffers for your customers and employees this holiday season.

Stylus pens

In the era of mobile signature and virtual communications, stylus pens that can write on smart screens have become popular gadgets on everyone’s work desks. Check out these highly useful combo gifts of Stylus With LED Light that will not just help your recipients to type or write on their phone screen but the bright white LED light will help them find small items in the abyss of their purse or trace the keyhole in the dark. Offered in a bevy of solid color tones, these custom gifts can be personalized with your brand, message or greetings to make it truly personal. Go for it!

The multi functional 3-In-1 Pen/Highlighter/Stylus is another brilliant gift choice to consider. It features a pen, a highlighter and a stylus to make it a must to have item for your employees during business presentations and tradeshows. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention in corporate circuits.

Custom Imprinted Stylus With LED Light

Swivel Stylus with LED Light will make a perfect festive season gift. These stylish stylus pens equipped with a powerful LED light will let your recipients’ scroll their touch screen devices easily and use it as a light source. The split ring attachments turn it into a handy keychain as well. Your recipients will have the best gifts in town when you hand these out to them!

Phone Cleaning gadgets

With the sensitive smart phones becoming daily use items for most people, phone cleaning gadgets like Cleaning Spray with Microfiber Cloth have become equally important. Compact enough to easily fit into the pouch or purse, these cleaning gadgets can be used over any glass surface including phone screens. Personalize it with your brand and message and see how these highly useful gifts will make your brand the hottest talking topic.

1 Oz Personalized Cleaning Spray with Microfiber Cloth

Power kits

Jolt Power Kit with MFI 3- in-1 Cable will make a highly sleek and efficient cord and cable management accessories kit equipped with a MFI Certified 3-in-1 charging cable with integrated lightning, a 2200 mAh Jolt Charger, Micro USB adaptors and a molded carrying case. These travel friendly power kits will make an ideal holiday season gift this year.

Custom Imprinted Jolt Power Kit with MFI 3- in-1 Cable

Which of these tech gifts are you planning to make your holiday gifts? Share your thoughts at the comments section below.

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