Beach Party Planning Ideas And Gift Tips

Nothing says summer than beach parties. So, if you have been planning to host a beach party or gather your group of beach bums to host your own beach themed party at home, here are some party planning tips and ideas. A beach themed party can be used for birthday parties, corporate events, baby shower and in fact any event where you wish to bring in a bit of beach fun.

Beach Party Planning Ideas And Gift Tips

Here are some party ideas that will add a big splash to your beach party.

Create a beach setting!

If you are not planning to go to the seaside, you can very well bring the sea and the surf to your backyard by way of beach decorations. Get started by putting up a beach scene setter to an open wall in your home, which will make a perfect backdrop for a photo booth. You can even shoot a few Polaroid pictures of your guests at this backdrop and pass the photos out as party favors. Light up the party setting with some paper lanterns. It will add up to the charm if your party is likely to extend into the evening. You can even stick a few tiki torches into the sand, which will make perfect sources of light for the party.

Decorate the snack table

A perfect menu and a well decorated snack table is the main attraction of any party. You can weave in a beach theme to the snack table decorations to round off the party milieu. You can even use beach mats or a fishing net to drape the party table to bring in a strong beach feel. For centerpieces, palm tree shaped décor items or live miniature palm plants can be considered. Looking for something more romantic? Grab a few glass bowls, fill it with sand and seashells and place a candle in it.

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Beach party menu

It is better to serve finger foods like sandwiches, cookies or chips for the party as your guests can eat these while indulging in the beach activities. You can even set them out in plastic sand pails to complement the beach theme. Do not forget the shovel shaped scoopers for the guests to scoop these out. It will be great fun and in line with the beach party fun. Set up a few barbeque sets for those hotdogs and grilled specialties. Choose paper plates and napkins in beach themes or colors while color changing cups will be a great way to serve your drinks like lemonade, iced tea or beer.

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Round off the party with gifts

Choose custom gifts in beach themes that will make wonderful items for the gift bags of your audience. Some of the gift ideas to consider include sunglasses, Frisbees and beach balls. Low is cost and high in fun, these logo items can be customized with your party date or message to make it one of its type!

These unique party ideas would be a great way to get started. Try it out for sure. For more helpful tips on organizing your event, contact our dedicated party planning experts.

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