Basketball – Themed Promo Items For Your Hard Core Basketball Fan Clientele

Basketball league matches and indoor tournaments will attract scores of basketballs fans into the stands in the coming months. So why not turn their sports spirit into a promotional campaign for your logo by handing out basket ball themed promotional gifts to keep all the sports buffs out there in your fold?

custom printed basketball rubber ducks

Here are some of our all time favorites among the basketball themed promotional items.

Noisemakers: No matter whether you want to reach out to the sports fans who will be at the edge of their seats cheering for their teams or those late night party animals, our logo imprinted noise makers will surely grab a few eyeballs (and ears) too! Your recipients will simply love these noisy toys that will drive up the tempo and the spirit of the game and grab the attention of the whole sports stands towards your logo.

12 oz custom printed collapsible bottles

Drawstring Bags: These fun backpacks are not just for the basketball season as the sports fans will love to carry these basket ball themed bags all round the year.

Magnets: Customize basketball Schedule Magnets that will remind your recipients to head out to their favorite sports bar to catch the game or to grab those last available tickets to see the match in its full glory. These make perfect options to promote sports bars, sports goods stores and other businesses. Your recipients will surely thank you for having listed out the game days and events for them.

Basketball rubber ducks make great additions to your delightful rubber duck collectibles. These make a fun way to teach the tiny tots at home the nuances of this great sports event of basketball. These rubber ducks that are designed like basketballs with unique black stripes and orange body can be used to promote sports clubs and junior leagues. Hand these out at the sports stands and see how these double up as stress toys to calm their adrenalin as they cheer for their teams in frenzy.

Water bags: The high pitch shouting and cheering will have made their throats sore and dry. Make sure they stay hydrated to keep up with the games every night with these handy collapsible logo imprinted water bags.

Koozie can coolers: No matter whether they are watching the game in a sports bar, at home or in the stadium, drinks are most likely to be guzzled up during any match. So why not hand out these can koozies that will keep their drinks cold while the game gets hot.

The best thing is that all the above versatile gift items will melt the heart of not just the basketball fans but also everyone in your client list. Let fun be the name of your game with these unique and most popular promotional items and see how your recipients cheer your home team to victory!

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