Back To School Season Is On – Turn It To Your Advantage

Kids are back in schools and it makes a busy period not just for the parents but also for the marketers to spread their message and to reach out to the kids, families and communities alike. Make sure that you stay ahead in the race with these smart tips that will make sure that your logo enjoys a free ride on these promotional bags for a full school year or more!

Promotional Logo Drawstring Knapsack

Kids typically love to stick to their favorite bags all through the year and these regular impressions are what make solid sales leads for your business over a period of time.

Back to School promotional gift ideas
It is not too late even now to talk about back to school gifts as kids will love to extend the shopping frenzy for as long as possible. Here are some innovative promotional ideas for this season.

promotional neon six color crayon wheel

  • Sponsor a local sports night: Celebrate the ongoing NFL and the football season by sponsoring a local students’ league. Hand out these logo imprinted T shirts with the school’s mascot and see how kids don these attractively colored free t shirts with pride. The best thing is that your logo T shirt will be worn all around the town for years to come after the league. Just imagine the portability your logo enjoys on these timeless apparels of your tiny patrons every time they enjoy a day out at the beach, enjoy a shopping stint or dart off to the library in their favorite T- shirts!
  • Hand out free classroom supplies: Hand out free class room supplies like pencils, notebooks, pens, crayons, rulers, rally towels or hand sanitizers that are imprinted with logo and message. Teachers will surely appreciate these free supplies and the kids will be pleased too and your brand will become familiar not only among teachers and wards but also among the parents.
  • Draw string bags: Hand out a few logo drawstring bags to your local college as welcome week gifts. These bags are trendy and spacious enough for all their class room supplies and the students will surely love to use these bags for not just the school, but for sleep over holidays, camping nights and more.
  • Logo imprinted lanyards also make excellent gifts for college going students which can be used to tag their ID and meal cards or dorm room keys. Your logo will surely gain easy attention everytime as they move around.

So, if you have some more back to school promotions to be completed, hurry. ProImprint has a range of promotional gifts that will hoist your brand in front of the students, teachers and parents the whole school year and beyond. Need any suggestion tips? Please feel free to call us and we will be delighted to assist you. We have rush orders too to help you with your last minute buys.

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