How Traditional Pencils Impart An Old World Charm To Your Logo Promotion?

The mere mention of brightly colored traditional pencils will bring back nostalgic childhood memories in anyone. Let’s be frank about! Nobody ever outgrows the age for pencils as these can be used anytime anywhere! Hand out these adorable custom traditional pencils at tradeshows, events or conventions and get your customers engage them in a light hearted dialogue with your logo! Affordable and always in use, pencils are well cut for mass hand outs like mailer campaigns or tote inserts. Imprint your logo and message on these and ensure the best portability you can ask for.

custom printed carpenter pencil

ProImprint has a range of personalized traditional pencils in different shapes and types including those for light sketching and regular use. Pencils are not only for schools or SAT test centers but also make highly effective promotional gifts for all types of businesses. Imprint your logo, message or artwork and hand out these promotional gifts to customers to promote tutoring services, architects, accounting firms, banks and much more. Whether on paper or idling in pencil stand, these logo imprinted pencils will ensure repeat impressions for your logo! Available in a range of bright colors and prints, these pencils are too good to be overlooked!

custom printed budgeteer pencil

Logo imprinted traditional pencils also make wonderful employee gifts and party favors for kids’ birthdays or milestone celebrations. Traditional pencils are long lasting and your logo will be right in front of your patrons till the very end. If you are a game for something old fashioned and classic, then these logo pencils will make ideal hand outs. People often love to treasure these old fashioned pencils as souvenirs or collectibles and that is exactly the reason why we are all using sticky pads and memo sheets even today in the age of paperless technology and touch screens!

If you are looking for a powerful branding exercise at a modest budget, then not many gift ideas can match the charm of these traditional pencils. ProImprint has an exciting range of promotional traditional pencils for your every need.

Here are some of our top selling models for you.

Personalized budgeteer pencils : If a low budget is your watchword on your promotional campaign, look no further than these cost effective pencils. Perfect to gift all round the year, these pencils will look good on the work desks of teachers, students and their parents. Imprint your logo and message on the brightly colored generous imprint area. These can be used to promote school stores, libraries, art and craft stores and any other businesses that value the skills of writing and sketching.

Customized carpenter pencils : It is not just a must to have tool for all the craftsmen around but make a perfect hand out option for tradeshows, events, vocational schools and much more. The unique square shaped design and #3 flat lead make it convenient for markups while the brightly colored generous imprint area will make the prime real estate for your logo or message. These pencils are ideal for plumbers, utility services and janitorial services among others.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your logo leave an indelible imprint in the minds of your customers by handing out these practical pencils and see how your logo becomes a house hold name in no time!

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