Back-to-School 2022: eCommerce Trends to Watch Out for

Back-to-school shopping season marks the start of a lucrative  business year for retailers.  This year, too retailers are likely to make record sales. Here are some early shopping trends that are emerging from back to school shoppers.

Earlier the better

More than 60 % of parents are likely to start their back to school shopping earlier. They are likely to be spreading out their back to school shopping over a longer period of time starting  early July. 50 percent shoppers have half of their shopping completed already; as they wait for the best deals or to have a full list of items they may need.

Spending pattern

 Parents with children in grades K-12 had spent an average of $688 on back-to-school shopping  last year and the early trends show that they are likely to spend more this year .  The average spending on back to school shopping is likely to be at least $250  this year.

Another finding is that department stores are seeing resurgence in popularity among consumers. Though  online shopping is likely to take up the biggest pie in back to school revenue , more consumers are shopping at department stores as there are no pandemic restrictions.

Budget deals are the game changers

The threat of inflation and a looming recession is likely to leave a lot of pressure on back-to-school shoppers . So, parents will be looking for budget deals and value added offers for the upcoming school season.  It is expected that the BTS season is likely to be highly competitive for retailers to attract this valuable shopper base.

Back to school is a recurring sales opportunity

Student community ensures recurring and repeat sales, as students go through the  pre-college learning cycle that spans over 13 years. Whether it is clothing , technology or school supplies, everything gets outdated or obsolete and hence students need to replace it periodically. So having the most trending product at the right place and right time, can be a critical element in the success of any retailer.

 Though the upward trend in online shopping is real, in-person shoppers aren’t going anywhere just yet. So, retailers need to think of innovative strategies to turn their stores into crowd favorites. In 2022, there are  likely be more opportunities for the retailers in the BTS shopping season. So, it will be interesting to watch the trends as they emerge.

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