Advantages of Using Marketing Swag in Brand Building Campaigns

Custom gifts are sure shot ways for businesses to connect with their audience. Everyone loves to get freebies that are useful and appealing and quite naturally, your brand will get a lot of engagement from your target audience. Gifts evoke reciprocity, which means your recipients will feel obliged to support your brand in return for the interesting custom swag that they got. When you hand out a promotional item to a prospect, you create an expectation that encourages them to do business with you.

Using Marketing Swag in Brand Building Campaigns

Custom gifts increase Your Brand Recognition

People in general will use brand that are familiar to them, while deciding between one business and another. Custom gifts will make the company’s name seen a few times more than your competitors will make all the difference. Business swag that bears your brand and message will make your brand popular. You can choose from a variety of imprinted gifts like T shirts, bags or mugs that bear your brand and message and every time your recipients carry these daily-use items they will become brand ambassadors for your brand.

Word of mouth publicity

Imprinted gifts make great talking topics and will help businesses to get more customers and enhance the brand popularity. People trust what others have to say about a brand and custom gifts will go a long way in speeding up word of mouth publicity by engaging the audience with your brand.  Positive reviews and customer feedbacks play an important role in reinforcing your brand image and custom gifts go a long way in driving positive impressions and feedbacks.

Budget friendly marketing

While conventional advertisements like billboards and brochures are exorbitant, custom gifts make a budget friendly way to familiarize people with your brand. Custom gifts make excellent icebreakers too for businesses to start up a conversation with their prospects during tradeshows and events. Freebies get easy attention and make a sure-fire way to get noticed in crowded business events. By handing out a unique handout, you can spread word of mouth publicity as well. Studies show that tradeshow booths that distributed custom gifts had 176 percent increase in traffic than those that did not!

Promotional gifts enjoy a high retention

Gifts never get discarded because useful gifts are always used, shared or even re-gifted, which means your brand and message on these logo items get across to a wider audience than your target audience.  Every time your gifts reach a fresh pair of hands, your brand will get more mileage. You can even give two gifts to your prospects with a friendly reminder to share to double up your advertising impact with little effort on your part.

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