Accessories To Keep Your Charging Cords Organized When You Travel

Tangled charger cables and ear bud cords have always been one of the nightmares of people who travel frequently. Every time  you dig into the wallet or backpack to retrieve the charger cord, you may pull out a jumbled  mess of wires entangled with pens, combs and other small items  in the bag.


Wondering how to keep cords organized and tangle-free while traveling? Try these smart cord organizers that will help you stay organized and travel smart.

Loop Slot Cable Snaps  make a simple yet effective way to keep cords, cables and earbuds bundled and neat. Built-in cable dock bonds to any metal surface easily and strong magnetic clasp wrap the cable securely. These are great for keeping your workspace organized, and while traveling too.

Loop Slot Cable Snaps

Brookstone Neoprene Cable Organizers : Keep all your cords well organized with these versatile items. The removable and configurable tech trap with device trays can hold small electronic gadgets and adapters. There is a zippered mesh pocket for storing a flash drive and SIM card while the adjustable Velcro straps will ensure easy cable management.

Brookstone Neoprene Cable Organizers

elleven™ Tech Wraps will keep not just the cords but all tech accessories organized while travelling. Stretchable mesh material will fit both small and large pieces while the pockets are ideal for USB adapter. These make great giveaways for those who travel frequently.

Grip Kit Cable Organizer with Micro USB Cable and MFI Adapters are exceptional in keeping cords organized and neat. It consist of 2 ½” Flat USB to Micro USB Cable and Apple® MFi Certified Lightning® Adapter Tip.

Grip Kit Cable Organizer with Micro USB Cable and MFI Adapters

Printed Grip Cable Organizers : Made of ABS Plastic and Flexible Silicone, these organizers  keep your cords nice and neat. Make use of the generous imprint space to highlight your brand and message to make it stand out!

Cord Wrap/Earphone Organizers feature a simple design that allows you to keep the chord wrapped and tangle-free and save a lot of time and effort in getting the chords untangled to get your playlist up and ticking! Choose from a range of vivid colors that are hard to miss!

Printed Cord Wrap/Earphone Organizers

Adjustable Silicone Cable Ties will help you to get all the cables bundled in one convenient bunch. Available in a variety of colors, these organizers make a perfect place for your logo and message.

Adjustable Silicone Cable Ties

Printed Square Tech Accessories Pouches  Stay smartly organized with your cords and ear buds with these polyurethane pouches with clear front window that will help you to see. Grommet attachment, fabulous colors choices. If elastic straps aren’t your thing, these troll up pouches will be just your style in keeping the cords and accessories snug.

Printed Square Tech Accessories Pouches

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