A Quick Guide for  Mardi Gras Revelers

The Mardi Gras season that spans from Jan. 6 until Mardi Gras day, which falls on Feb. 21 this year is all about colors, music, food and drinks. For all those who wish to enjoy Mardi Gras like a pro will find these handy tips and the survival guide truly useful.

Dress comfortably

Comfort dressing is the key to have a good time. Be aware that New Orleans weather can change quickly and is unpredictable. So, ensure adequate layering to brace up for cold night. A poncho or a jacket may come handy in the event of quick showers.

 For footwear, wear comfortable closed toe shoes that can endure walking through muddy trails.  Use seasoned boots as it wont be a great time to break in your new boots.

Pack right for the parades

Pack light yet smart for the parades so that you will have everything you need without over stuffing your bag. Make sure to pack snacks as the pop up restaurants along the route could be crowded. Ensure hydration by carrying water to avoid the lines and save time.


 Many restaurants along the parade route may accept only cash during this crowded event. So, make sure to carry enough cash as it will relive you of the hassles of finding an ATM

Toilet paper: Toilet paper may run out in restaurants and toilets  due to the long lines. So, bring your own toilet paper.

 Hand sanitizer: As soap and water sources are far and few between along the route, it is recommended to carry hand sanitizer to stay clean and germ free . Marketers that wish to make their brand part of the day can consider custom hand sanitizer as promotional giveaways.

Bag for beads:  last but not least, you should carry a reusable bag to carry all the beads and stuffed toys that you catch in the parade.

Safety Tips

Download the parade tracker app: Save time while making sure that you do not miss out the excitement by downloading the parade tracker free app .  It will update you in real time when parades are passing and where they are on the route.

Have friends with you:  Even if you’re going with a group, it’s  possible to get separated in the crowds. So, have a friend to look out for each other. You can write down their phone number on a paper that can be kept safely in your fanny pack in case you lose your phone.

Be mindful of  the heavy floats: Mardi Gras floats are incredibly massive, so keep a safe distance and do not come in front of one. Keep your feet away from the wheels.

Now that you have your game plan ready, you’re all set to hit the parade route. Should you need more tips and ideas, our product experts are only a call away.