A Guide On Night Golf Party Ideas

Night golf has become the latest rage in party circuits. Gone are the days when golfers had to call it a day as the sun goes down. We have some great night golf themed party ideas to share with you that will give a great twist to any bachelor party or charity event. Night time golf events will make a great excuse for golf enthusiasts to tuck in a few extra hours of night time fun as well.

A Guide On Night Golf Party Ideas

Get started by stocking up all the essential  golf items that you may need for a well planned night game of tee. Golf themed custom banners are great options to get your word out about the night time golf event and to welcome spectators and participants on the big night. Personalized golf invitations on golf balls or Golf T shirts make an unusual way to advertise the night time golf event.

Night golf courses can be lit up with glowing markers that will enable the golfers to see the areas of the golf course and to make a clean hit. Different colors of glow lights are used to mark different parts of the course including the fairway and the sand traps among others. Night golf player accessories like glow necklaces, glow bracelets and LED wands will enhance the visibility of players in the dark.

Stock up glow sticks and glow bracelets will add a speck of light to the night time golf events. These glow light sticks will help the players to find the ball around the course and to direct their swings precisely even in the dark golf course. Do not forget to hand out plenty of glow sticks, glow necklaces, and other glow products for the golfers to light up the night and to add a dramatic charm to the night event. Golf themed party ideas are great choices for birthdays, bachelor parties and more.

Table decoration

Decorate your party table with glow in the dark stadium cups. You can even choose table ware in green color that looks like a real fairway at night. Light up balloons, glow in the dark sunglasses and glow badges will all come handy in enhancing the glow theme.

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Beverage Cart Decorations

If you have plan to drive around a beverage cart around the course to offer drinks and snacks for the players, make sure to light it up with glow items like glow sticks. The driver of the cart can also wear glow gear like glow necklaces or bracelets to keep himself visible.

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Night Golf has become a huge favorite among all age groups across the nation. Many golf courses in the country are offering the option of night golf along with the classic daytime golf. In night golf, light up golf balls with a glowing light stick inside are used. Different players can choose glow balls of different colors to make it easy to identify the balls.

How did you like these night golf party planning tips? Share your thoughts at the comments section. If you need more party tips on night golf parties, we are only a call away!

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