A Branding Makeover with Custom Fanny Packs

Trendy and functional, fanny packs are any traveler’s delight! The incredible portability and visibility enjoyed by fanny packs will make it a great promotional item for marketers. Your message will reach wherever your recipients  go, thereby making valuable impressions on the move.

Fanny packs are not just for travel. As it will stay close to your side at all times, it will make a safe way to carry the essential during concerts or festivals. Everyone around will notice and even talk about your logo and message on these custom giveaways ! Thus  Fanny packs  make useful promotional items as they enjoy a high visibility .


Fanny packs can even be incorporated into all types of marketing plans all round the year. However holidays and spring and summer seasons are found to see the maximum surge in the usage of fanny packs thanks to the outdoor events and activities on cards.

Highly visible

Marketers can effectively enhance their brand exposure with custom fanny packs . These high visibility items will indeed make a key fashion and promotional statement alike. So, choose from a wide variety of models and styles to stay ahead in the promotional scene with these popular and budget friendly giveaways.

High retention

Reports show that 50% of customers keep  promotional items for up to a year after they receive them. In other words,  they will be carrying your message on custom fanny packs  with them wherever they go for a long time. This in turn will bring more business to you.


Moreover. fanny packs are popular among people of all age groups , gender and demographics. So, even if you have a specific audience niche, these trendy bags will make an appropriate gift choice for sure. Customize it for your next big event to get all eyes on your brand.


Custom fanny packs are fashionably functional that will offer a lot of creative scope for marketers. Whether it is day out in the park or a city ramble, handy fanny packs will indeed be a great choice. What better way to market your business than with fanny packs, that has the potential to be used regularly ? Designed with the specific needs of the travelers in mind, printed fanny packs  are here to stay for sure. 

Sure, over the  fair weather seasons like summer, everyone wants a nice bag that wont slow them down. This is what makes fanny packs a perfect choice for your outdoor promotions and events.

For more information on how your business can make use of fanny packs to creatively market your brand, reach out to us today!