7 Tips For Your Summer Marketing Campaigns

Sunny days are here again!  It is indeed the best time for marketers to take advantage of the many marketing opportunities the season brings.  Get your message across to the vacation crowd by planning some interesting promotional strategies.

Outdoor promotions

Engage the holiday crowd with your brand and message and make your stores their favorite shopping destination. Offer special summer discounts and freebies to your shoppers especially first time customers to make them feel inspired to come back  for more.

Customer Appreciation

Promote your brand while making your customers feel well appreciated by hosting events and fun fairs. It will also reinforce your business relations while making your customers feel special. Moreover, think of some interesting events like cook out parties, picnics and sports events that will draw crowd.

Be unique

Think beyond the run of the mill promotional ideas and come up with something new. Summer is a  great time to offer what your customers would want. A flash  mob or organizing a food fest of summer delights are some of the many ideas that can be considered.

Celebrate the summer vibes

Plan any summer themed promotion both for your offline and online events. Celebrate the summer colors and fun vibes that will bring customers to your shop. You can use various promotional media like blogs, videos and podcasts to enhance the summer time experience of your customers.

Plan family friendly events

Now that school’s are out for the summer, planning family friendly promotional items will be a smart choice. Think of fun contests and games that will keep the children well occupied while reflecting your brand identity. For instance, if you are promoting your restaurant,  think of holding cooking lessons for kids and parents. Make sure to handout free custom giveaways after the event to thank their participation and get them remember your brand.

Organize a side walk sale

Reach out to the outdoorsy crowd that are out and about enjoying the beautiful summer day by setting up  sidewalk sales outside your shop. This will make a great way to get your brand noticed and  increase sales. Full color banners and flags printed with your summer sale offers will pique easy interest in the minds of the audience.

Summer giveaways

Include interesting custom summer swag in your promotional plan to engage the audience with your brand whole promoting your brand. Choose season specific handouts that are highly popular to get people excited about the summertime while you get a grand promotion.

Customers appreciate practical promotions, especially those that are suited to the season. Offer them summer-themed giveaways such as custom towels, beach games, branded sunglasses, or printed water bottles. These items can be very helpful if your customers are going to the beach or out hiking.

Need more tips? Reach out to our   team or explore our exclusive section of summer promotional products to get started.