6 Ways to Promote Your Business at Fairs- Must Read

Summer season also happens to be the season of state, county and village fairs. People gather from all over to soak up the fun and food that only fairs can promise! Though fairs happen in small towns, these hold incredible promotional opportunities for marketers. Fairs set a perfect ground to generate leads and earn new business.

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How to market your business at  parades and state and county fairs? Here are some great tips

Be a sponsor                                       

Sponsoring your local fair’s website is a budget friendly way to increase the footfalls of your website and ensure better visibility in search results . Sponsoring a website is not as expensive as sponsoring the fair. Make use of this affordable way to attract site visits.

Donate an item to be auctioned off

Do you have only a modest marketing budget, yet you still want to get your name out at a local fair? Donate an item to be auctioned or raffled off and every bidder will see your brand and your services. It is a great way to boost brand awareness in the public and  drive more traffic to your site.

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Hand out free stuff

Everyone likes freebies; and handing out promotional items at your local fair is a great way to increase  your brand popularity among the attendees. Choose items that your recipients will find useful and interesting. Custom keychains, car magnets, chip clips, pens or hand fans are some of the many cost effective handouts that can be considered.  Leave your brand and message imprinted on these to get all eyes on it.

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Sponsor an event

Most county and state fairs will have events like concerts and jigs every night. By sponsoring this event you can enhance the brand visibility substantially as your brand will be displayed on promotional posters, fliers, TV and even on stage! Explore the sponsorship opportunities to see how to go about it.

Let customers join your mailing list

People walking around the fairgrounds won’t be in a mood to write down their details and information. Instead your team can have a few tablets handy and ask if they can take their info for your mailing list in return for some gifts to encourage the consumers to join the email list. Fairs will give you the added advantage of a diverse audience across all age groups and demographics, which in turn will ensure a rich mailing list for your campaigns.

Follow up

Once the fair has ended, make sure to send thank you emails to all the prospects and tell them about your products and services. It will impress your recipients and may encourage them to become your loyal customers in the days ahead.

Did you know that fairs double up as potent marketing platforms?  If you haven’t explored about the countless marketing possibilities that fairs offer, it is time to get started right away!