5 essential products FOR your employees ON VIRUS CRISIS!!

Infectious disease outbreaks are nothing extra ordinary to us; we’ve seen many, battled with many and conquered many of them! But each time, these viruses are getting stronger than the previous time.  And the intensity is rising up, the fatality is increasing, and it is becoming more contagious. On such situations, we make sure that we follow all precautions to resist the virus. But do you think the same is happening in your workplace? Keeping the severity of the illness in mind, employers need to plan ahead to prevent the spread of the fatal virus at the workplace and keep their employees safe. Otherwise it may affect the employees and the business both! So what can you do to prevent deadly diseases causing viruses from your workplace? With proper strategies, we can resist this virus crisis!

Since these genres of infectious diseases are fast spreading, it is always advised not to gather in masses. But on a practical note, this is not possible for a work place. Corporate companies can allow work from home on critical situations but, this is not possible for every position. So it is clear that we cannot avoid gatherings, and discussions on a daily basis! What else can we do? Employers on this instance should do something to take care of their employees. This will help the employees in stay alert, and also it would boost the trust factor in employees towards the employer. Employer can also make it more personal and focused in such situations. How? With promotional products! Get infectious outbreak-centric promotional products for your employees and enhance your workplace safety. Get these 5 essential promotional products for your employees to fight against deadly viruses.

Custom Printed Mini Tissue Packets

Is it possible to stay for a long time without touching your face? Touching your face, especially T-zone makes it easier for viruses to enter your body, infect you & turn you into a host to spread disease. So it is always advisable not to touch your face. But that is impossible, right? Instead of focusing on “how to stop touching the face” let’s focus on “what can be used to stop virus from entering the body while touching the face”. People who uses tissue wipes instead of those touching their faces with bare hands are less prone to spreading of viruses. Give your employees logo printed mini tissue packets and let them wipe their face with tissues whenever they wanted to touch their face!

Custom Imprinted hand Sanitizers

From touching the door knob, to shaking hands with managers, to typing reports, to eating lunch together, an employee had to go through different levels when it comes to interaction with bacteria and viruses. Anyway this can never be stopped. So the only possible solution here is to clean the hands frequently. And thus, we need hand sanitizers everywhere in the workplace. Alcohol based hand sanitizers are the best to kill viruses and bacteria from the hands, hence it is always advisable to get alcohol based hand sanitizers for your employees. Get customized hand sanitizers for your employees and make your work place more hygienic

Promotional Anti bacterial Wet Wipes

Anti bacterial wet wipes can be used not only to clean hands, but with these, we can wipe our office desk and computer screen also. In workplace, we are daily in touch with computer keyboards! We are cleaning our fingertips with hand sanitizers but again we are touching the same keyboard! Now this is where we need wet wipes! Clean your computer screen, keyboard and office desk with anti bacterial wet wipes to ensure clean atmosphere. Get customized anti bacterial wet wipes and keep it on your employee desk!

Custom imprinted misting hand sanitizer sprays

When it comes to field work or sales, having an office sanitizer won’t be useful. In such cases, hand sanitizers should be easy to use and should be more effective than the regular one. Spray hand sanitizers are best when you are travelling. Your hands can never be clean for more than a limited period of time. It could only be clean until you touch the next surface. So it is always advisable to carry spray pen hand sanitizers!

Custom first aid kits

Ensuring that you have a first aid kit is the primary thing you should do in your office before hiring your first employee. Along with that you need to ensure that you are equipped with all the essential products available in a standard first aid kit such as band-aids, cotton swabs, bandage rolls, antiseptic swabs, wound pads etc.