5 Creative Custom Giveaways to Increase Brand Awareness

Do you wish to let the world know about your brand? Creating brand awareness is indeed the best way to make your brand popular. Besides, it will allow your prospects to recognize your brand and develop an affinity towards it. More brand awareness means more leads and bigger sales.
Here are some interesting custom handouts to increase brand awareness

Custom T shirts

Let your employees wear your company’s branded apparels during trade shows and business events. It is a simple yet effective way to increase your brand awareness . Did you know that apparels are one of the most popular giveaways in the business world? By ordering in bulk, you can get maximum discounts as well.
Custom T shirts also make great promotional items that will help to spread the word about your business and get people talking about your logo. You can even encourage your customers to take their pictures in these T shirts and post them on your social media pages. It will ensure a high level of brand awareness both in real world and social media alike.

Custom bags

Add your logo and message on carry bags that you hand out to customers who purchase. You can even use custom paper bags or tote bags for shipping products. Using custom bags is a simple way to make your brand stand out and make the customers aware of your brand. Moreover, when they use these bags for other purposes, their brand will make consistent impressions.

Calendar magnets

Calendar magnets are indeed budget friendly options to advertise your brand. These full color magnets can be customized with your brand and message for businesses events and local events in your area. Every time your recipients display these logo items at home, office or school, your branding will be seen by even more people. Everyone love freebies and if it happens to be a useful handout like magnets it will be even more popular.

Car magnets

Impart a magnetic appeal to your branding with custom car magnets. It will increase brand awareness and are easy to stick on and take off. Moreover, it will help you make leads on wheels with these full color magnets. Just think of the impressions your brand will make every time you drive around your vehicle to attend service calls,business events and more.


Add your logo to custom pens to increase brand awareness. Every time your clients or employees use these logo items, they will be reminded of your brand. An elegant branded pen will often make a great conversation topic for your brand among your audience. If you wish to put your message right in plain sight of your recipients, look no further than pens.

Branding will obviously make your company recognizable and will engage the audience with your brand. The best way to achieve it is to choose high utility custom giveaways that your audience will truly find valuable.