4th February Is World Cancer Day- Shop For Appropriate Custom Gifts

World cancer Day, which falls on 4th February this year will make a great occasion to honor the cancer survivors and to remember the lives that are lost to this disease. Businesses that wish to be part of this noble day can think of organizing fund raising events for cancer patients, health runs and awareness events to enhance awareness about this dreadful disease that rob millions of precious lives worldwide.



At the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium in Paris, 4th February was chosen by what is called the Paris Charter aimed at promoting research for the prevention and cure for cancer.

How to Observe World Cancer Day

Businesses that wish to associate themselves with this cause can plan awareness campaigns, organize health tradeshows and hand out free custom gifts- all in the name of enhancing the awareness of this fatal disease. Reach out to your audience by organizing fun contests, health runs and quiz programs that will not just enhance the awareness about this disease but your brand image as well. No matter whether you are planning a fund raising event or a tradeshow, these custom gifts will make great handouts to consider.

Awareness ribbons are universal symbols to show your support or raise awareness for a cause and multicolored ribbons are used to support various forms of cancer including pink ribbons, which make a well recognized symbols of crusade against breast cancer. Here are some of the ribbon shaped handouts that you can consider

Ribbon Shaped Flexible Key Tags: Ribbons have always been universally accepted awareness symbols for various causes . These keytags can be customized with your brand and message to make great tradeshow giveaways, tokens of appreciation, group souvenirs or fund raisers. Customize it with your message and highlight your brand and social message all at once.

Custom Awareness Ribbon Shaped Flexible Key Tags

Magnetic Ribbon Clips: A perfect handout for world cancer day, these magnetic clips will enjoy a permanent spot on the refrigerator doors of your recipients for a long time. No matter whether they use it as fridge décor or to hold their shopping lists and reminders, these clips will never fail to leave a lasting impression in their minds.

Custom Magnetic Ribbon Clips

Ribbon Badge Holders: Get your message out during business events and seminars quickly with these ribbon shaped badge holders that will easily make heads turn!

Custom Imprinted Ribbon Badge Holders

Ribbon Shaped Pencils: These quirky shaped pencils will get a lot of fan following not just for its special shape but the social cause it stand for!

Custom Awareness Ribbon Shaped Pencils

Awareness Ribbon Stress Relievers: Every time they bust their stress, your social cause will get closer to their minds. Go for it!

Promotional Awareness Ribbon Stress Relievers

Awareness Ribbon Fidget Spinners: Get your message promoted in a fun and light hearted way with these custom fidget spinners.

Promotional Awareness Ribbon Fidget Spinners

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