3rd April Is Walk To Work Day- Plan Your Promotions

Walking to work does seem a rare possibility for anyone these days! The busy schedules, late night working hours and inadequate sleep time for people will all make it impossible for them to get out of their homes early enough to walk to their workplace! Nobody has time to walk as they have just enough time to reach their car.

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Walk to work day  gives everyone a chance to change up their routine to add a little more time to it. It makes it possible for you to make a slower start to your day and a relaxed  walk to the work places. Walking to work can make a positive change in the quality of life and  life span in general.


Started in 2004 by Prevention magazine, this event soon became popular and continues to be celebrated unofficially by many people. Walking to work will not just ensure physical and emotional well being but will reduce pollution and make this planet a healthier place to live.

Walking to work – benefits

Walking to work offers a lot of health benefits. It offers the added advantage of a work out as you commute to office. So, you don’t need to set out on a morning or evening walk separately. Walking to office will require you to change your waking hours and will help you wake up early. Rising early will leave you refreshed through the day and keep you relaxed as you don’t rush through your morning chores.

You can easily find time to take a look at the garden plants, play with your pet and talk to your kids more often than you used to do on a typical working day. It even will let you enjoy the beauty of the natural spectacles around and meet your neighbors on the road. It gives a new meaning to your day and your life. If it is a pet friendly office, you can even take your pet along on your walk to work!


This extra time will give you the luxury to take time off to appreciate the things we usually miss- the chirping birds the feel of the wind on the skin, the soft glow of the sun overhead and the life of the city that unveils slowly. It will help you to reconnect with the world around and give a human touch to your otherwise robotic life. You will surely love the pleasant change that it brings to your life on a whole.

Set the alarm early, pack a homely meal and a breakfast you can eat on the go or at office. You can even choose to dress in a pair of casual T shirts and walking shoes that can be changed to formal wear once you reach office, if it is a long walk that could leave you with a sweaty body or a blistered foot!   Walk to Work Day helps you to reduce carbon emissions, ensure some healthy movement to your body and  enhance your appreciation of the world around you.

How to Celebrate Walk to Work Day

Organizations planning to observe this day in office can consider handing out custom gifts that encourage employees to continue walking to office.

Freebies make the best motivators

Custom pedometers that will help their employees count the stride will make a great handout to encourage your employees to reach office on foot. It will motivate them to make walking part of their life style change.

Widescreen Walker Pedometers

Sports water bottles that keep them well hydrated and sprightly all through is another gift choice to consider.

26 Oz Venturer Tritan Sport Bottles

Cooling towels, sunglasses, hand sanitizers sunscreen – there is indeed an impressive list of custom handouts that can be considered.

Deluxe Cooling Towels

Photo contests

Encourage your employees to find the best yet hidden photo spots in the city that they happen to see during their daily sojourn. Judge the best snaps and give away prizes for the best entries. Do not forget to spread the word in social media. It may motivate many others out there!

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Fun contests

You can even hold a fun competition for the employees to encourage them to walk to work and prizes for the winners.

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How do you plan to observe this day. Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page to join an interesting discussion.