Workwear Trends Beyond 2020- A Few Tips

Corporate uniforms and work wear represent the brand values of businesses. So, a lot of thought goes into selecting the right color and pattern of the team uniforms. Apart from making your team look confident and stylish, custom apparels that you choose should evoke a positive emotional response in your audience as well.


Though classic colors like grey, blue or black are popular colors in work wear items, businesses that dare to be different bring in vibrant hues and innovative designs in corporate uniforms to stay fashion forward and relevant to the changing times. The concept of fashion wear for work is gaining momentum among every genre of businesses these days as it suits everybody!

The modern, professional uniforms will bring together elements from the fashion industry plus the inputs of the employees to make it both functional and fashionable. Fresh and elevated designs and colors are likely to replace the dated and boring colors in corporate uniforms in the days ahead.

So what are the likely work wear options beyond 2020?

Dress shirts

A classic in office wear custom dress shirts are not going out of trend anytime soon . It  ensures a perfect fit for most body shapes and most team members can carry it off with confidence. It is likely to be voted as a perfect professional dress choice in the year ahead.

Men's Garnet Long Sleeve Shirts

 Wide leg pants

Gone are the days when wide leg pants were considered as casual outfit for the beach or the home. Flattering, comfortable and effortless, wide leg pants are all set to be a corporate uniform choice in the next decade.  Ideal for the sultry summer and those quick steps, wide leg pants can be customized to leave  a statement.

The Crop Jacket

Higher waist lines for a modest look and adding a longer line top underneath to round off the look is going to be  a popular trend to look out for. A crop jacket layered over long line tunic is  going to be  a hit  in employee uniforms.  Your team can wear it all day without creasing when sitting down and remain stylish and fresh all day.

 Leather Finish outfits

Leatherette material is likely to be seen high on the trends not just in fashion shows but corporate circles as well. These make extra layers over your normal dress during winter and can even be used to save your entire outfit with bleach, tint or make up while you are at work.

  Utility dressing

It is a nice way to update corporate styling in offices that adopt a casual work culture. These long line jackets with pocket detail will make a practical fashion statement in corporate apparels your team will love the convenience that it offers.

Water Resistant Hooded Windbreaker Jacket

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