Working Out From Home is Easier as Never Before with Fitness Giveaways

With most of your employees working from home, it will be a perfect time for organizations to motivate them to take their fitness goals seriously. Handing out custom fitness giveaways will help your clients and employees to stay fit and healthy even when they are out of their gym sessions. 2021 may be a hard to achieve  fitness goals for most people as gym and fitness centers still remain closed. Let your team stick to their fitness routines by providing branded fitness products  for work out sessions at homes or the great outdoors.


Show that you care for the physical and mental well being of your team by handing out custom  fitness giveaways that will inspire them to remain fit even in less than ideal conditions.


Yoga  has holistic benefits for both the body and mind. Easy to do at home or in the garden, yoga workouts help your employees to beat stress, stay focused and above all be happy inside out.  Yoga mats make basic accessories that everyone who practices yoga may need. Put your logo and message on the large imprint area of yoga mats to stay in plain sight of your audience and everyone around. Choose from various models and sizes to match the preferences of your team.

Custom Printed Full Length Yoga Mats and Case

 Yoga work out towels: Made of 200 gram super absorbent microfiber material these quick drying custom towels will ensure good grip over the mat. These are machine washable and well suited for yoga classes and exercise in hot conditions.  Choose from various color choices.

Custom Printed Yoga Workout Towels

Simple workouts

Simple home workout items like jump rope or exercise bands may be all your team needs for some simple cardio and resistance training. So, even if you are on a budget, you can still come up with some effective fitness handouts that will enhance their fitness schedules and help your employees’ inch closer to their goals,

10 feet Jump Ropes

Help them wind down

After a sweat bulleting spell of  workout, your team needs a cool down period to let the body return to normal. Hot and cold gel packs will make a great handout to tackle sore muscles and stiff joints.

Staying hydrated after the workout will help  your recipients to replenish the water that they might have lost. Choose from a wide range of water bottles including sports bottles and insulated water bottles that can ensure a steady supply of water – hot or cold- as they wish!

Printed Full Color Wrap Insulated Tritan Bottles with Pop up Sip Lid

Cooling towel is another top giveaway that can be considered. These will absorb sweat and ensure an almost instant cooling effect. Make sure your team incorporates this cutting edge cooling technology during their workouts.

Hit the Great outdoors

Hiking and biking trails will be buzzing with outdoor enthusiasts in fair weather season of spring and summer. Backpacks, water bottles and fanny packs imprinted with your company logo and message will make perfect handouts to consider. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get  during the trails and even after that! Headlights and safety lights  for your trail bike will keep them safe at night and visible to others.

Bike Light-Safety Reflectors with Flashlights

Custom printed workout products and wellness items will make your team  healthy and happy and above all will show that you care for them. Shop right away!