Wireless Earbuds- Break The Norms, Break The Wires!

Super sleek, portable and above all free from the tangling mass of wires- wireless earbuds are the in-thing  in tech accessories. It seems everyone wants them; these little earbuds  are indeed the talk of the town these days. Put your hands together for a thunderous applause for these little accessories. Earbuds truly deserve it.

Wireless Earbuds- Break The Norms, Break The Wires!

Ports and cables are behind the times like the Dodo! Blue tooth is the future and smart businesses can keep their customers on top trend with these wireless earbuds. Designed to look good and feel great, they are easy on your budget as well. Designed to fit in comfortably without slipping off even during work outs or a zumba dance session, these cater to all types of audiences as well. The best part- nobody will miss your brand imprinted on it.

Wireless earbuds charge up fast and lasts for a long time of music or podcasts. Available in various color choices and offered in a plastic case, these earbuds have 55 mAh Battery that ensures up To 2 ½ Hours of Play Time and Up To 1 ½ Hours of Talk Time. Bluetooth® 4.2 Wireless Technology, built-in mic with volume control and hands-free design are some of the main highlights of these custom printed products.

Powered up, these custom earbuds go the distance. You can stream music and need not worry about missing your calls or your favorite music even if you don’t have the phone in hand. Here are some more interesting models that you will find interesting

True Wireless Earbuds and Mics available in various color choices are available in a range of delightful colors; choose a model that matches your promotional theme. Every time your recipients use it to listen to music or answer the call, your brand and message will get a lot of attention. Charging cable and pouch is also included with these earbuds that have a Bluetooth working range of 10 meters. It will get charged up in 1.5 hrs and ensure playback time at max volume of 1.5hrs.

Promotional True Wireless Earbuds and Mics

Arryn True Wireless Earbuds feature ABS Plastic, built in music controls and a microphone/ the playback time at max volume is 3hrs. The earbuds take 2 hrs to charge from 0 to 100% and include a Micro-USB charging cable, carrying pouch, and extra ear tips.

Custom Printed Arryn True Wireless Earbuds

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