Winning Tips to Plan A Christmas Themed Promotion

Christmas is the biggest shopping event in the country. For the same reason, it is a great time for marketers to plan an interesting retail promotion that is fit for this cheerful season. Here are some  tips that will inspire you to think creatively.

Launch a Christmas Product

Cheer up your recipients by launching a new product for Christmas to the list. You can either give these away with purchases or make it a limited time edition holiday merchandise.  Restaurants and businesses in the hospitality industry can launch a special Christmas menu to offer their customers something to look forward to!

Christmas Gift Cards

Business can run discount sales and special offers throughout the month. Discount cards with discount codes will be something your customers will surely appreciate . Think of more such creative ideas to ensure a consistent brand promotion while offering something special for your customers. The options are endless. Choose a promotional strategy that your audience would surely like.

A  Christmas Countdown

Build up a buzz and enhance curiosity in the minds of your customers while getting them excited with a Christmas countdown. It will enhance the festive feel in the minds of the audience. IA count down will not just bring your customers more often to the stores but will also engage them with your brand.

Set up a Christmas Photo Booth

Double up the joy of Christmas  by helping your prospects make happy memories that will last a life time by setting up a  photo booth. It is indeed a great way to make your brand part of the Christmas festivities of the audience. You can even set up a virtual photo booth, to invite the digital audience to become part of your celebrations. The pictures they click with you will become part of their lives for the years to come. You can even organize photo contest with a chance to win a prize.

Holiday Recipe Ideas

Can there be a better way to celebrate Christmas than to talk about food or serve food. Share recipes that resonate with Christmas to relate with these seasonal themes.  No matter whether you share classic Christmas delicacies or experiment with something new, it is a great way to reach out to your audience You can even handpick famous Christmas recipes from around the world  to make a popular collection of recipes.

Release a Holiday Gift Calendar

Bringing out a gift calendar will make a great way to engage the audience and celebrate the holiday vibes. It will make a subtle way to engage the crowd with your message while spreading the seasonal cheer. Showcase the best Christmas products  complete with full color images on your Instagram  to make it easy for your customers to find the best  gifts they can invest.

Christmas décor

Deck up your stores  in Christmas colors of red, white and green, bring out the lights and tree ornaments to celebrate the seasonal cheer while attracting your customers to the stores. You can even bring in this theme to your social media pages to spread cheer and promote your brand while impressing the audience.

Christmas Bundle Offers

Enhance the Christmas merriment by bringing out bundle gifts for this year’s campaigns.  You can include Christmas promotional giveaways, Santa themed gifts , winter staples like beanies , wine glasses or insulated tumblers to make a thoughtful gift package that even the discerning clients  may not be able resist.  Everybody will love  these beautifully wrapped gift package on Christmas morning.

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