Will Fidget Spinners Turn Out To Be More Popular Than Doodling

We all have grown up with doodling. Apart from enhancing the dexterity skills in kids it is thought to be beneficial in keeping kids well engaged and focused. The history of doodling can be traced back to the ancient cave dwellers as excavations have unveiled doodles of various complexities and intricacy from historic times in caves all around the world.


What doodles of the 80s are the spinners of today. It makes a great way to pass time and stay focused and is all set to be the rage of the contemporary era. What is common about fidgeting and doodling is that both make part of the expression process and will help in relieving stress and to beat anxiety.

While doodles make brilliant expressions of the person’s artistic skills, fidgets stand for quick finger movement and dexterity skills. As laptops and smart phones replaced paper and notebooks, the popularity of doodling seems to have come down among kids. If pen and paper are not the only form of note-taking, how do people doodle? The fidget spinner feted as the toy of the year 2017 has grabbed headlines and captured the attention of many.

Fidget spinners were created to enhance the attention span of students with ADHD and relive stress in a positive way. No matter whether doodling remains popular or not, fidgeting will enjoy its share of popularity in the days ahead.

The Benefits of Fidgeting

  • Fidget spinners are probably the best proof that sometimes even the simplest things can calm people and help them stay focused.
  • Spinners are something people can use anytime, anywhere as these are noise free and easy to operate
  • Ideal for both kids and kids at heart, spinners enjoy a long retention as well.
  • Budget friendly handout for mass promotions like tradeshows and mailer campaigns.

There are a lot of choices in fidget spinners and these top selling models will help you get started.

Budget fun spinners: The translucent design of the spinners and the contrast colored caps will ensure a dazzling spectacle amid the fingers of the users. Put your brand and message on and see how these spinners will put your brand on a proud display. These are great to promote all types of brands and businesses as these fun toys appease to everyone across every age and gender factors.

Custom Printed Budget Fun Spinners

Turbo Boost Fidget Spinners: Any fidget spinners will agree that faster the better! These spinners with turbo boost are designed to perform non- stop spinning for a longer time and your brand on these will grab the attention of everyone around.

Custom Printed Turbo Boost Fidget Spinners

Light-Up LED Fun Spinner: The hard core fans of fidget spinners will love these light up models that will keep the toys visible even in the dark. Put your brand and message on these and see how LED fidgets will make your brand the talk of the town.

Customized Light-Up LED Fun Spinner

We have a lot more custom fidget spinners under the category of stress reliever; choose a model that suits your needs and put your brand popularity on a top spin.

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