Why You Need to Consider RPET Plastic Products In Sustainable Promotions

In today’s world when most things are reused and recycled, plastic still poses a great challenge as It continues or be one of the most disposable products that add up to the landfills. rPet plastic is a perfect alternative of this problem as it is consistently reusable and hence less damaging to the planet.

Save the world ecology environmental conservation perforated pap

Recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (rPET) is the sustainable derivative, which is used to make plastic water bottles, soda bottles, and other items. If you haven’t given a serious thought of adopting these ecofriendly plastic products in your promotions, it is the right time to include some of these popular custom giveaways listed below.  Get these giveaways customized with your brand and message to create unique handouts that your clients and customers will truly appreciate.

Reports show that businesses that adopt a sustainable promotion by including ecofriendly handouts enjoy better goodwill than other businesses.

48 Inch Arc Umbrella with 100% RPET Canopy. These auto open umbrellas in a range of brilliant colors have 100% RPET Canopy made from post-consumer plastic bottles. The wooden grip handle will enhance the profile of these travel size umbrellas that will fold down to 33″ when closed. Get your logo and message imprinted on these for golf holidays, corporate picnics, milestone events.

48 Inch Arc Custom Imprinted Umbrella with 100% RPET Canopy

Cooling Gaiters with 100% RPET Material: Nothing says summer better than these  cooling gaiters that feature rPET material made from post- consumer plastic bottles. These versatile and reusable accessories can be worn as a face mask or bandana; show off the fashion forward image and ecofriendly traits of your brand with these amazing items offered in several fantastic colors. Your message imprinted on these will get incredible visibility.

Custom Printed Cooling Gaiters with 100% RPET Material

RPET Oasis Pens These plunger action custom pens offered in various translucent color choices are made of recycled post- consumer plastic bottles. These ecofriendly pens make excellent budget friendly handouts for trade shows, business events and orientation programs among others.

Custom Imprinted RPET Oasis Pens

Non-Woven Sports Pack with 100% Rpet Material : Put your ecofriendly message on the go by getting it imprinted on these colorful and sleek drawstring bags. Made from post- consumer plastic bottles, these recyclable bags are great choices for ecofriendly events and awareness campaigns.

Custom Imprinted Non-Woven Sports Pack with 100% Rpet Material

Merchant and Craft Revive RPET Waist Pack Backpacks will easily complement the modern lifestyle. These trendy and ecofriendly computer bags are made of RPET 600d material derived  from recycled water bottles. The removable waist pack is the main highlight of these bags that will ensure  the dual utility of a full sized backpack or just a quick grab-and-go waist pack . Choose from  multiple color choices to match your promotional theme.

Customized Merchant and Craft Revive RPET Waist Pack Backpacks

Andria RPET Laminate Tote Bags  made of 35gsm Laminated RPET material feature extra-wide 8″ Gusset, convenient handles and hanging loop that makes it an easy bag for shopping, beach holidays and road trips. Offered in various colors, these totes have color stripe accents that make it look unique. Needless to say your logo imprinted on these bags will get a lot of eyeballs for sure.

Andria RPET Laminate Tote Bags

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