Why Vacuum Insulated Mugs Can’t Be Beaten During Outdoor Campaigns

Insulated metal tumblers that keep the beverages hot or cold as per the needs of the users have always been around. However, the incredible options on offer including metallic shades and printed models have all taken printed tumblers from the picnic bags to the coffee tables and office desks as decorative items that everyone simply loves to show off.

Vacuum Insulated Mugs

Metal tumblers make great appreciation gifts for clients and employees and provide companies with the perfect opportunity to get their business noticed during outdoor events, camping holidays, road trips and more. Useful to carry both fresh fruit juices well chilled and tea or coffee hot in a safe and handy way while the recipients are on the move, these mugs are highly useful in work environments and while on the move as it will ensure a fresh drink every time they need.FDA compliant and stylish, most of these tumblers match the safety guidelines of schools or hospitals, which further enhances the promotional scope of these logo items.

Ideal for all seasons, these insulated mugs can be used to keep hot drinks warm in winter or fall season or cold drinks cool during summer or spring. It will make a great addition to the drinkware at homes and offices and a smart marketing tool for your promotional campaign. Offered in a range of brilliant colors, these logo items can be matched with the theme of your promotions or corporate color as well. Think of orange and black colors for Halloween or red and green for Christmas- we have all these and more in stock. Himalayan tumblers will make a great choice to consider as it brings together style and substance seamlessly.

20 Oz Promotional Speckled Himalayan Tumbler with Custom Box

Speckled Himalayan Tumbler will make another great handout during bonfire parties and outdoor fun. The vacuum insulation will keep the drinks well- kept while the speckled design that resemble the crackling log fire will complement the occasion.

Companies yearning for more outdoor brand exposure can make these mugs their promotional items. Ideal for party revelers, outdoorsy clients, employees and drivers, these stylish tumblers will expose your brand to countless people regularly. Designed to fit into standard car cup-holders, these tumblers will also keep your message in front of everyone who travels by car.

Well retained and cherished, these attractive and reusable tumblers are great choices for green themed events and awareness campaigns too. More the utility, more will be your brand exposure on these. Go for it!

Have you used custom insulated tumblers as your promotional items? How was your experience. Do feel free to share with us at the facebook page.

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