Why Printed Pens Make Great Personalized Business Gifts

Pens give shape to your thoughts and transform it into action and that is why having the right instrument can be the key to success. Custom pens make great personalized business gifts because it is highly practical. By customizing it you can make the gift a bit extra special that your workmates are going to love.

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What makes pens one of the best business gifts to give?

Pens make a great employee gift for their team effort or a work well done that will make them feel special. BY making the employees feel appreciated, you can keep the team motivated to put in their best.

A custom pen makes a practical gift in the workplace and by personalizing it, you have a gift of one of a kind. Customize it with your brand, mascot or greetings to make it a priceless memory and a fabulous experience. Personalized gifts like pens will make the employees feel special as an individual and not just as a part of a team and a valuable addition to the organization. Branded pens will also make them stand out in the crowd as everyone will take a closer look at the message and brand imprinted on these.

Choose the right style

Choosing the right kind of pen will go a long way in enhancing the value of the gift. Make sure that the pen you choose matches the needs of your employees and their specific job needs. The best business gifts are the ones that match the age and personality of the recipients. A flashy novelty pen may not be a good choice as business gifts.

Here are some great styles of pens as corporate gifts to choose from:

Metal laser engraved

Metal pens will leave a powerful statement and will make a perfect business gift for employees and clients.

Custom Printed Harlem Metal Pens

Grip ballpoint Pens

A grip pen is ideal for those who write a lot because it is comfortable to write and exudes elegance all at once.

Retractable pens

A practical pen that is easy to use and carry around these capless pens will make a trendy gift idea to consider. The best part is that it won’t leave a stain in the pockets of the users as well.

Stick Pens

Ideal to suit the busy working style of the employees, these straight barrel stick pens will make a perfect grab on the go pens.

Gel Pens

These smooth writing gel pens will make a great choice for the neat and meticulous workers, who strive for the best quality in their work. Offered in a range of colors and styles, gel pens are here to stay forever!

LED pens

Light up pens that feature a pen with an extra feature of an LED light will make a highly useful tool for any of your employees working in dark desks and ill lit spots.

Customized Signal Light-Up Logo Stylus Twist Pens

Stylus Pen

Switch from paper to smart screens smoothly and effortlessly with these stylish pens that are just right for the tech savvy users of today.

Classic pens

During important business events and conferences, your team may need a professional looking pen that will grab easy attention and impress the audience.  While your employees feel special and well appreciated you get a striking display board for your message, which will never fail to strike a deal. Win- Win situation!


Personalized pens will make a great employee gift and a branding tool alike. Customize these with your brand, message and artwork to make it a portable billboard for your brand. A custom pen will be carried by the recipients wherever they go, which means your message will get a lot of attention and word of mouth publicity.   The big plus is that everytime someone borrows a pen from your recipients, your brand will get a secondary audience that you never thought of.

Custom pens will make a unique gift

Though everyone will have a set of pens on their desk including a favorite pen or a luck pen, there may not be a personalized pen in the lot. Custom pens will make a unique gift that everyone will treasure for a long time. An attractive pen will continue to be a work desk décor item even if it outlives its utility. So, if you are looking for a unique, personal and practical hand out to sneak in your brand into the homes and hearts of your recipients, look no further than custom pens. Browse our complete line of custom pens that make great corporate gifts at a great price.

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