Why Made In USA Products Matters The Most during Covid-19 crisis 

With the world turning topsy turvy in just a few weeks after the Covid -19 crisis , everything look different  now. Immediate and drastic changes happened everywhere in flash seconds. Things we never thought may happen are around us; we have been forced to take a fresh look at our daily activities like health, work, income, school, sports and so on.


The biggest lesson the virus scare taught us probably is the importance of self reliance. Quite rightly, there has been a noticeable spike in the interest in USA-made promotional products today. Apart from the emotional desire of being safe and secure in today’s uncertainty, Made in USA products make the ultimate expressions of patriotism and quality for millions of Americans.

So, if you are business organization that wants to stay in touch with your employees or clients and make them feel confident and positive, promotional items made in the USA will make a great choice.

Here are some products that we recommend. From hand sanitizers to first aid kits, nail files and more, the list is truly impressive. Browse along and choose something that matches your needs.

Personal First Aid Kit: Offered in a reusable plastic box, each kit contains 5 junior latex-free junior bandages, an antiseptic towelette and triple antibiotic ointment packet.  These made in USA products will make a reassuring handout for your recipients  that will also highlight your American pride.

Personal First Aid Kit

Sun Care First Aid Kits: Proudly made in USA, these suncare first aid kits are travel size and compact. It includes 2 SPF 30 sunscreen pockets and 3 latex-free bandages.  Use it as stand alone gifts or as first aid box items to show your recipients that you care.

Sun Care First Aid Kits

Imprinted Medical Kits :  Help your recipients stay well equipped to face the current virus crisis by handing out these imprinted medical kits. Each hinge box contains 12 latex-free adhesive bandages, 6 antiseptic towelettes, 7/8 oz. first aid cream, 2 gauze pads, 2 extra large latex-free bandages, scissors, tape and a first aid guide. These first aid kits are ideal promotional giveaways for all types of businesses that care for its employees and its brand name!

Imprinted Medical Kits

Better Books – Good Nutrition: Motivate your recipients to stay healthy with these nutrition reference guides. It is a great way to encourage your customers to make wise choices about food and develop healthy food habits.

Better Books - Good Nutrition

First Aid Travelers  will make a sensible and smart way for travelers to stay  prepared for road safety emergencies. It includes three latex-free bandages, an antacid packet, 2 snip bandages, 2×3 adhesive pad, 2 antiseptic towelettes and a 200 mg Ibuprofen packet. Great for journeys or regular commutation and ideal to  take care of their bruises, burns, pain and acidic reactions among others.

First Aid Travelers

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