Why Kids Should Wear Facemasks- A Quick Guide

Kids are more vulnerable to the pandemic and that is why health care personnel recommend kids to stay at home. The pandemic spreads through airborne droplets and through touch points on contaminated surfaces. So, kids above 3 years should wear a face covering, which will serve as a barrier from elements including droplets. Though it is not a medical rated mask, it can still ensure minimum protection from exposure to elements.

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Kids masks are available in a wide range of models including reusable masks and disposable masks. As there could be many asymptomatic carriers around, kids can be safe to some extent by wearing  facemasks while in a public area. Apart from droplets, masks will also shield them from smoke, pollen and other airborne particles.

Reusable Masks
Anti-Bacterial Children Face Masks: Kids are kids afterall! It will be hard for parents to remind kids not to fiddle with their masks often as it can make it dirty and unhygenic. These 230g Elastic Anti-bacterial Polyester  recommended for kids above 3+ years will keep the kids safe and parents relieved. These facemasks can be imprinted with cartoons and other cute images that kids will like. Lightweight, comfortable and easy to breathe, these facemasks reduce the growth of bacteria, making it safe for kids.

 Anti-Bacterial Children Face Masks

Reusable 2 Ply Child Face Mask with Pocket for Filter: Made of polyester cotton blend fabric and available in cute prints , these  2 layer, non medical grade masks are ideal for ages 5 – 8 Years. It has a sewn-in pocket for optional removable filter. Machine-washable and reusable, these masks are designed for comfort.  Colorful and a great addition to their outfits.

 Disposable Face Masks

3-Ply Disposable Child Face Masks are perfect for everyday use. It has three breathable layers including top and bottom layers made of non woven cloth and a melt blown filter layer. Fits Most Ages 4 – 12 Years; comfortable stretchable ear loops and embedded nose strip ensures  perfect fit; Clean basic design, light blue color. Great handouts for schools, doctors clinics etc.

3-Ply Disposable Child Face Masks


Pre printed Kids Disposable Face Masks: Ideal for kids above 3+ years, these facemasks featuring cute prints are offered in attractive color choices. Three cloth layers and comfortable and stretchable ear loops to ensure a snug fitting are the main features of these masks. Order these right away.

Preprinted Kids Disposable Face Masks

Kids who may have to wear masks for a long time may find it uncomfortable and painful as the elastic loops tug their little ears. Cooling Headband with Mask Support is a handy accessory that will relieve the pressure on the ears. Made in USA and offered in various colors, these headbands feature black plastic snaps for tugging the masks and keeping it in place.

Custom Printed Cooling Headband with Mask Support

Kids facemasks can be used all year round in any weather to keep kids safe from air pollution, allergens, and smoke apart from droplets.

It is hard to make kids understand about personal hygiene or the risks of infection; by getting them wear these facemasks, you can ensure their safety and well being the best way possible.