Why Is It Important To Know The Alcohol Content In Your Hand Sanitizer?

 Most hand sanitizers have alcohol as its  active ingredient. It is what eliminates the germs. So, the more the percentage of ethyl alcohol, more will be its power to  kill germs. Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that you use a sanitizer with at least 62% alcohol content to stay safe from germs. Alcohol as a disinfectant is not something new to mankind. It has been used for centuries- from ancient Egypt right up to the contemporary field of medicine!


How Does Alcohol Kill Bacteria?

Alcohol removes the protective protein sheath of the virus through a process called denaturation, leaving it powerless to cause any serious damage. You get a common cold or flu when the germs on your hands enter the mouth or nose;  by cleaning hands very often you can kill germs outside the body itself and prevent it from getting into your body.

So, make sure that the sanitizer you choose contains the requisite percentage of alcohol to make it effective. So, if you have been buying sanitizers with the best scents without reading the ingredient label, this is a great tip for you. You can indulge in your favorite flavors and stay safe if you choose scented sanitizers with atleast 62 percentage alcohol.

Can Hand Sanitizer Stop the Spread of Diseases?

While washing hands with water and soap remains the most effective way to stay safe from germs, a hand sanitizer will be a good choice to for people on the move; or when there is no easy access to water or soap. Offices, schools supermarkets, cafes and restaurants can all set up a sanitization stations by keeping sanitizers to keep everyone disinfected.

Whether you want to order custom hand sanitizers for health awareness events, your office or your next fundraiser, make sure to know the ingredients in every bottle.

Here are some models that you will find useful

1 Oz Instant Hand Sanitizer Gels contain 75% Ethyl Alcohol and kills 99.9% of most common germs. Get your logo and message imprinted in full color on the label to stay in plain view of your audience. These are great handouts for schools, doctors’ clinics, awareness events, office first aid kits and more.

1 Oz Instant Hand Sanitizer Gels

1 Oz Custom Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer in Round Bottles contain  62% ethyl alcohol content and  can kill 99% germs when used properly. See the drug facts and other directions printed on the label.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer in Round Bottles

We have a lot more sanitizer models with the recommended alcohol content that will help you fight off germs.  While sanitizer is not a magic cure, it is a sure fire way to reduce the risk by keeping your hands germ free. Till a vaccine is developed for Covid-19, this is the most effective and budget friendly way to stay safe.

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