Why Flashlights Make Perfect Promotional Gifts For The Fall Season

The mere mention of fall season will remind us all about early sunsets and gloomy and dark days. If you are looking for a practical gift that will help your patrons to go about their daily activities with ease, hand out these logo flashlights and maglites. Here’s just a few flashlight options that will light up your fall promotions and be a big hit with your customers as well!

Custom Printed Hand Powered Flashlight

Customized Metal Carabiner Keychain Flashlights : This handy flashlight with a keychain will make sure that your patrons will have a light at easy access during those dark nights. Available in blue, black, silver and red colors, it is a perfect option to find the keyhole in the dark, check the car boot at night or infact for everything where an easily accessible light source is needed. Customize it with your company logo and contact info for great exposure.

Custom Imprinted Mini Mag-Lites : Hand out these logo maglites and ensure your patrons the safety and reliability of the US made maglites that have set a new paradigm in quality. Long lasting, shock and moisture resistant, maglites are well curt for the rugged outdoors, campsites and much more.

Custom Imprinted Mini Mag Lite

Personalized Mini Mag-Lite with Buck Knife : Make your promotional gifts value added for your clients by packing in added features and multi tools to the flashlights. This maglite with buck knife is well suited for wild life holidays, campsites and many others.

Personalized Whistle Flashlight w/ Keychain : A torch light that doubles up as a safety whistle at night and a handy keychain is another popular option to consider. Imprint your logo, artwork and message on these brilliantly colored flashlights and every time your recipients use this source of light, your logo will buy easy attention.

Promotional Led Light With Pen And Carabiner : Promotional LED light with pen and carabiners are perfect to attach your brand logo to their backpacks, bags or suitcase. This combo item is well sought for its attractive sticker price and bulk orders can save a pretty dime. Available in several bright colors with silver trim, these make excellent gift choices for tradeshows, mailer campaigns or as corporate gifts. These can also be used as handouts in community awareness programs, stocking stuffers and party favors.

Personalized Zippo Mini Auto Safety Flashlights : Personalized Zippo mini auto safety flashlights allow your customers to drive to a safe location. Design features include super bright white 4 LED light with a car window hammer and a seatbelt cutter. There is a rubber dome push button on/off switch. Designed to last long, these logo flashlights will keep your logo in front of the eyes of your customers in a subtle way. A value added and practical gift that they can trust when they need the most, auto safety flashlights will make your logo a household name for sure.

ProImprint has a range of flashlights in all possible models and price rates. Choose custom flashlights that match your theme and make sure that the dark fall days do not leave your brand in obscurity.

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