Why Custom Gifts Are Still Good For Brand Promotion In 2020

Promotional products are expected to hold the key of brand promotions even in 2020 if the trends are any indication. Even in today’s digital age, 7 in 10 marketers use promotional merchandise for brand promotion. Cost effective and popular, custom gifts will make tangible reminders of your business for a long time to come.


On the fence still ? Read on for the five fabulous reasons why promotional gifts are exactly the thing you need!

1.Valuable brand impressions

 Promotional gifts are sure fire ways to generate impressions for your brand. Every time people look at these products, they will be thinking about your brand. When someone has a bag, pen or sunglasses that they use and display often, it will let them and everyone around see your brand. This will create thousands of impressions for your brand over the lifetime of the promotional gifts.

  1. Cost-Effective

Custom gifts are cost effective than most conventional tools like brochures and billboards. Plus these enjoy more retention and make more brand impressions, which make your investment more valuable.

  1. Higher retention

Think how quickly someone might click away from a digital banner ad or turn their eyes off a display board on the road. Promotional gifts will bypass this problem and allow people to see your brand for longer. When people have an item they can hold and use, they tend to retain it longer, which gives them more chances to see your brand and remember it.

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  1. People Will Give Them Away

The best part of custom gifts is that these will never get discarded as people who don’t keep these items will give it to other people rather than throw these away. Custom gifts will never end up in a landfill and turn your audience into the biggest brand ambassadors.

  1. Build Brand loyalty

Nothing builds brand loyalty as free promotional handouts. Everyone finds freebies hard to resist. Every time you hand out a small gift with your brand logo on it, your recipients will feel happy that they are getting something for free. Your message and brand imprint on these will thus get a lot of appreciation. People will even be inspired to talk about your business for this special reason.

Think of high quality and useful gifts like apparels, notepads, drinkware items etc that they will associate with the quality of your brand. Every time they use it they will associate those good feelings with your brand! So, never compromise quality for saving some promotional dollars as it could backfire on the reputation of your business.

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Which promotional gifts are you planning to make your branding tools in 2020 ? Share your thoughts  with us on our facebook page to join an interesting conversation.