Why custom Ceramic Mugs make Popular Gifts

Coffee drinking has become a popular social trend, which lets people to catch up with friends, to enjoy their favorite beverage and to wind down after a hectic day. The sheer multitude of coffee shops that have sprouted up in different parts of your town is a solid proof of the popularity that coffee enjoys.13 Oz Personalized Ceramic Mugs with Silicone Sleeve

Coffee is a stress buster and a handy way to recharge and revitalize for most people. So, how can anyone overlook the popularity of coffee mugs as promotional gifts? No matter whether it is to promote your brand, raise funds for a social cause or to appreciate your employees, custom ceramic mugs will make great options. Your recipients will surely appreciate these free coffee mugs but will earn valuable impressions for your brand every time these attractive mugs are in use.

Custom Coffee Mugs are long lasting
Everyone uses their coffee mugs a few times, every day. So have you thought of the impressions that these practical gifts make in their life time? The best part is that the imprint area on a coffee mug is fairly large, which will highlight your message or call to action message in style. Ceramic mugs are well retained and most recipients use it for many months or years. So, imagine the impressions that these will make during this long span. People love to collect attractive custom mugs as keepsakes, which mean that these can be employed effectively as fund raising items as well.

Custom Mugs are in use everywhere

  • Everyone uses custom coffee mugs at home, office or even during travelling.
  • Mugs are not just for beverages, some people even use it as flower vases, candle or pen holders on their desks, which shows its versatility and tremendous promotional potential.
  • Promotional mugs make excellent fund raising items as these will fit the bills of even marketers on a budget or for mass promotions and political campaigns.
  • Ceramic mugs make great welcome kit items for new employees or as part of get well kit for schools and sports leagues.

Promotional 16 Oz White Ceramic Mason Jars

By now, you should be getting curious to know some of the most trending custom mugs. Here we go

Ceramic mugs with silicone sleeve These spill resistant mugs that can be fitted into the car cup holders will make a great hand out for holiday makers and during tail gating parties. Imprint your logo and message on these to ensure a wide angle display. Meets FDA requirements

White ceramic mason jars These jars that can hold 16 ounces of liquid are well sought for its unique design and large C handles. These fare well as employee gifts, party favors and individual gifts among others. The white backdrop will make a perfect canvas for your logo and message.

Let’s be frank about it! Promotional mugs offer ample scope for creativity. So, tell us at ProImprint how you wish to employ these popular gifts for your campaigns!