Why Cotton Totes are Still One of the Best Promotional Items

The mere mention of promotional items will evoke images of classic branded tote bags! Over the years, custom totes have dominated the promotional realm for some good reasons. Tote bags are reusable, long lasting and ecofriendly, which inspires marketers planning a sustainable promotion to sway towards the incredible option of tote bags. Gender neutral and casual, tote bags can be used anywhere , anytime without being out of place.


Here are some of the other features of custom cotton tote bags that make it the favorite choice of marketers.


Price is a crucial factor for marketers while choosing promotional merchandise. This is the prime reason  that makes  cotton totes value added and cheerful gifts. Budget friendly and well retained, totes make a great investment for budget marketers.

Natural Magazine Economy Tote Bags

Incredible Variety

Offered in a rich palette of colors and prints, cotton tote bags offer a lot of creative options for instant ordering. No matter whether you wish to match the totes with your promotional theme, Pantone colors, seasonal hues or festive theme, you will have the best options in custom totes at your desired price rates. Add your logo, message or artwork against the sold backdrop of these impressive bags for a truly bespoke finish!

Cotton Tote Bags

Generous imprint Space

Custom tote bags boast a large flat surface which allows an impressive branding on one or both sides, which makes it a perfect giveaway for businesses that may have to display large bold logo or  long taglines.

Shortest turnaround time

Most cotton tote bags have a short turn- around time, which makes these ideal for quickly scheduled events and marketers who are in a rush.

Laval 12 Oz Cotton Tote Bags

High retention

Cotton Tote bags last for ages and are designed to look good. Low on maintenance, tote bags are one of the most retained handouts that boast of an average life span of 5 year plus.  Thus tote bags make consistent impressions for your brand at one time investment. So, if you wish that your swag remains an imposing brand reminder  for a long time even after the event, look no further than custom tote bags.

Maine Zippered Cotton Tote Bags

Eco- Friendly

Probably the most important reason that cotton bags are so popular is their eco friendly credentials.  Reusable and long lasting, these 100% natural bags are least damaging for the environment. Marketers that wish to highlight their ecofriendly credentials can make cotton tote bags their promotional items. It will give another valid reason for your audience to remember your brand and patronize it.

Cotton Canvas Grocery Tote Bags

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