Why are Custom Non-Woven Bags Popular?

Promotional non woven bags are one of the most popular types in bags for some sound reasons. Non woven fabric is bonded together through mechanical and heat treatments and not woven or knitted, which makes it light weight and water resistant.


Available in various popular models like non woven tote bags , drawstring bags and foldable bags among others, these trendy bags tick all the boxes of a perfect promotional items for the following reasons.

Budget friendly

The low cost advantage will make custom non-woven bags a perfect option for even small businesses. It will make budget friendly alternatives to pricey models like cotton or nylon bags.

Imprinted Eros Tote Bags


Being  lightweight, non-woven bags are easy to store and transport without much effort or shipping cost. By ordering in bulk you can stock up for the upcoming events so you won’t have to worry about your promotional gift needs for a while. Plus, non- woven bags will never go out of trend, which will make it  a safe investment.

Non Woven Chow Time Lunch Bags

Water Repellent

Made from pressed plastics, non-woven material repels water and can be safely used during outdoor events or as lunch bags or shopping bags for home, work or school. Sturdy and light weight, non woven bags are great for branding! Non Woven Sports Packs

Brilliant color choices

Non-woven bags are well known for the vivid color choices, which will make your brand stand out in style.

Non Woven Drawstring Pouches


Whether you wish to use these bags as fundraiser, trade show swag or promotional items, non- woven bags will create a positive first impression of your business. Ideal for all types of toting needs,  these high utility gifts on a budget will never get overlooked!

Non-Woven Voyager Zippered Totes Bags


Non-woven bags are reusable and have a more elegant look and feel than single use plastic bags which make it a great replacement for plastic carrier bags . Customize these bags to portray an upmarket brand image to impress your audience. Choose from a wide range of shapes and colors to compliment your theme.  Some non-woven bags are made from recyclable material, making them more  eco-friendly and a perfect way to highlight your brand’s green credentials.

Custom Heat Sealed Non-Woven Exhibition Tote Bags

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