What Makes Fanny Packs a Perfect Travel Companion?

The fanny pack goes in and out of fashion regularly. The hottest trends of the 90s, fanny packs never really disappeared from fashion circuits and is back with a bang on this season’s runways. Some consider it as nostalgic while others find it trendy; no matter how you wish to  rate these compact bags, fanny pack is definitely more than just a throwback to the past!


The fact that fanny packs account for nearly a quarter of all U.S. accessories’ sales today, will prove the incredible popularity that these cute bags enjoy among people. Offered in a wide range of colors and patterns, fanny packs will match the summer fashion trends and the travel spirit alike.

Here are some reasons on why you should get a custom fanny pack right now!

Perfect travel size

Fanny packs are not too big or too small and are simply perfect for people on the move. Most people might be forced to postpone their travel plans due to the pandemic scare but it doesn’t mean that fanny backs have become obsolete. The fanny pack can be used to hold hand sanitizers, a spare facemask or a pair of gloves- which are feted as the must have accessories in the new normal world. Fanny packs are also ideal for short trips/ daily errands and not just on long vacations. It is indeed a stylish way to carry the bare essentials without having to carry the whole backpack wherever you go!

 Imprinted Tranzip Fanny Packs

Great travel companion

Planning a city break or a relaxed sightseeing spell?  You may need just a fanny pack and not a duffel bag during this trip to keep your tickets, cards, sunscreen, keys or sunglasses. Keep your hands free to enjoy local street food and click away those snap shots while all your minimum required items remain safe in these belt bags.  By keeping these bags in front , you can actually keep an eye on  your items and stay safe from pick pockets too!

Basics Fanny Packs

Do you fancy travelling by bike, skateboard or roller skates? Fanny packs will make a perfect and practical accessory to carry during these unconventional and fun modes of transport as well. Check out these reflective fanny packs that will make you more visible for motorists even in low light conditions.

Jogger's Reflective Fanny Packs


Fanny packs fit the bills of everyone who follow an active life style and make a perfect accessory that belongs to the athleisure league. It is designed by keeping in mind not just the storage needs of the outdoorsy people but hands-free convenience and fashion trends as well. Some fanny packs also have water bottle holders that help you stay hydrated.

Water Bottle Fanny Packs

Travel light and free with these accessories; whether it is a city walk or nature trail, you can indulge in all your favorite activities without being bothered by a bulk bag that limits your freedom and pace.


The best part is that fanny packs will meet the needs of not just the solo traveler but their family trips as well. Choose a heavy-duty waist pack that is spacious enough for your family for an amusement park, game days or a weekend getaway.

Printed All-In-One Fanny Packs

A clear fanny pack makes airport security check-in hassle free and swift with no delays and snags. These are great for stadium events and concerts where safety guidelines and security checks are in force. It will also go well with all types of apparels you wear. The best part – Fanny packs ensure direct and easy access to your belongings even if you have to use only one hand.

Clear Choice Fanny Packs

Bottom Line

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