What Makes Custom Planners Great Corporate Gifts ( Infographics)

Planners and calendars  probably hold the distinction of being customary New Year gift ideas for eons. Whether  you choose to hand these high utility work desk accessories as your corporate gifts, promotional items or referral giveaways, custom planners will ensure 365 days of brand promotion at one time investment.

Here are some benefits of custom planners that make it one of its type corporate gifts


High utility

Everyone needs planners to make schedules, goals and New Year resolutions. Having a planner in front of them will give a relentless flow of ideas and thoughts that can be instantly noted down for future reference and execution.


High visibility

Any user will consult their planners, many times a day – to strike off tasks, to flip through the pending tasks and be sure to remain on top of their activities. So, your brand and message imprinted on these logo items will get a lot of exposure. Imprinted planners are in fact the best way to engage your audience with your message in a subtle way.

More the merrier!

An average person will have a planner at home, office desks and even in their car. So just imagine the exposure your brand will get during the shelf life of these logo items


Custom planners are versatile giveaways that will align well with any industry or business niche. No matter whether you are in technology, fashion or food, you can effectively deploy custom planners to get your message across.

 365 days of display

Custom planners will keep your brand front and center for 365 days in a year at one time investment!

Simplest in organizational tools

Planners are the simplest in organizational tools that everyone will find useful.

Lowest cost per impressions

Considering the incredible brand impressions, custom planners garner during its long shelf life will make it a promotional swag with the lowest cost per impressions.