What makes Custom koozies welcome gifts in promotional circuits?

Koozies that trace their origin to Australia have now taken off in the United States in a big way. Invented by Alex Lang, these insulated holders can keep your beverages in the desired temperatures for a long time. One of our most popular promotional gifts, custom koozie can coolers can be gifted all round the year and make wonderful promotional and personal gifts. Be it an awareness campaign, charity event, business promotion or tradeshow, these logo imprinted koozies will never fail to grab a few eyeballs.

custom printed collapsible koozie can koolers main

A koozie can cooler made of foam like material such as neoprene will serve as a perfect beverage insulator during corporate weekends, sports events, concerts, beach holidays and much more. Available in a bevy of attractive colors, koozies make not just a functional accessories but souvenirs too.

Koozies have come a long way since its inception and are now available in different models like collapsible can coolers, zip up bottle koozies and even energy drink can holders. People will love to have a koozie with them wherever they go in summer season as these will keep their chilled drink cool and fresh for hours. The best part is that koozie can coolers can also be used to keep drinks piping hot. So, no matter whether you are a fan of a piping hot drink of cocoa or a chilled fruit juice, these koozies will never fail to serve up.

Koozies have become one of the most desired and recognizable promotional products. Imprint your logo, business message and artwork on these and make sure that your logo enjoys a high level of mobility. Traditionally used at parties, these business corporate gifts will let your recipients enjoy their favorite drinks in leisure as they are rest assured that their drinks will be perfectly chilled even at the end of their day out in the beach.

Are you looking a novel promotional gift to green up your campaign? Look no further than these ecofriendly custom printed collapsible Eco KOOZIE Bottle Koolers that are made with recycled material. Durable and sleek, these Koozies are excellent space savers and can be carried even in backpack or purses wherever they go. Available in unlimited colors, these bottle koolers are perfect for tradeshow giveaways and business gifts.

custom collapsible koozie can koolers with carabiners

Large KOOZIE Can Koolers will allow your customers, clients or employees to store their drinks cool and carry it in style. These large coolers are perfect for giveaways and mailings because these coolers that are made from jersey cloth and foam can be easily folded.

Here are some top occasions where you can use branded Koozies to get your logo and business message out.

Thus, koozies are so much more than ordinary can holders and these make must to have accessories for any household and promotional events especially during summer season. Your recipients will surely feel well appreciated and will remember your brand and business for having made their outdoor holidays truly special. There can’t be anything worse than having to settle for a hot and messed up drink on a sunny day out. These promotional koozies will keep them well replenished and active by offering a steady supply of perfectly conditioned beverages at the right temperatures. Pure bliss we would say!