What Makes Custom Jackets High Value Holiday Promotional Items

Looking for some high value promotional items for your holiday promotions that will never get trashed? Look no further than these logo jackets that will keep your recipients warm during winter and will get your message out in style.


Why jackets
Jackets are long lasting weather-wear items that your recipients will cherish all their lives. Every time they venture outside, these logo items will create countless impressions as these make interesting conversation topics for your audience. Logo jackets bring together the best brand recognition, utility, brand visibility and practical value. During bad weather when all other types of business events grind to a halt, these logo items can keep your brand well displayed while bringing comfort to the users.

Jackets make high value gifts
Logo imprinted jackets can be used as fund raising items, sponsor gifts or keepsakes as these continue to take your promotional message into a higher plane.

Jackets make excellent company uniforms, which will enhance the staff morale and your brand presence alike. These functional wear items will make excellent banter topic among the social circles of your recipients thereby enhancing your brand visibility and recall. These custom jackets will ensure a brand identity and a unified look for your team members who may have to travel for business quite often. Every time your team sets out on a sales or service call, these logo items will enhance their corporate image while the customers will be impressed at the professional look of your team.

Promotional jackets are available in a range of styles and materials including polyester, fleece and many other material combinations. Easy to clean and designed to last long, these jackets ensure a generous imprint area and diverse imprint options like embroidery or screen printing among others. Choose logo jackets in corporate color for maximum impact

Versatile gift ideas
Promotional jackets make versatile gift ideas that can be employed to promote any industry including sports leagues, golf clubs, non-profit organizations, fashion brands and more. The best part is that these logo items can be used as sponsor gifts, team uniform or gifts for supporters.

Some of the jacket items that can be considered for your forthcoming promotions include the following

Puma Golf Short Sleeve Knit Wind Jackets These water and wind resistant jackets great uniform items, tournament giveaways, charity giveaways sponsorship programs and much more.Customized Men's Puma Golf Short Sleeve Knit Wind Jackets

Women’s Kangari Softshell Jackets A great logo item for your women patrons, these custom jackets are not just ideal for bad weather but will make excellent style statements. Available in five color combinations of your choice, these trend setters will put your brand on wide display.Custom Imprinted Women's Kangari Softshell Jackets

Selkirk Lightweight Jackets Available in several impressive corporate colors of your choice, these promotional jackets are sure to fit into your budget and quantity size.Customized Men's Selkirk Lightweight Jackets

We have stocked up some of the best trending jackets for the busy holiday promotion season ahead. Holiday promotions will definitely remind the promoters of the song “Be prepared” from Lion King as they have to order early to ensure a timely delivery of promotional items just in time for the holiday promotions. Shop right away!

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