What Makes Custom Calendars Staples During New Year Promotions

Calendars not just keep the days and dates of the whole year in front of the users to make it easy for them to plan their schedules but add a pop of color to the barren spaces and bring in a lively charm to people’s lives.

People often find calendars  useful to  even jot down the upcoming tasks and events of the month. We all have grown up with these colorful calendars and the sparks of joy that it brings every time we turn each calendar month to see a fresh image and a new month! The timeless charm of custom calendars continues unabated even in today’s digital world, much to the delight of everyone.

Available in various models like wall calendars, desk calendars, stick up calendars, magnetic calendars and more, you can easily choose an appropriate model that will go well with your branding theme.

As Employee Gifts

 Change of year is often accompanied by the customary practice of sending calendars for the New Year. Sending each of your employees and colleagues a custom calendar is a great way to keep their morale up and lift their spirits; especially in the new normal world where the employees are working alone in their own homes and may feel aloof or forgotten. Include your corporate colors, team anthem and motivational quotes on each page of the calendars to create a better team dynamic.

 Value Monthly Pocket Planner

As Client Giveaways

Versatile and highly practical, custom calendars make great handouts to clients and business associates. Personalized calendars can be customized to make thank you gifts and New year brand reminders. Magnetic calendars make a popular choice as these can be stick to any magnetic surface like fridge doors or filing cabinets to bring in a pop of fun colors to the spaces while being your brand display board . Your message imprinted on these custom promotional items will remain on the forefront of their mind and not easily forgotten.

The Old Farmer's Almanac Country Stapled Wall Calendars

As Mailer Items

Small sized calendars like pocket planners make excellent mailer items that won’t add up to the postage expenses. Let’s be frank about it!  Professional gifts don’t need to be anything extravagant or expensive. Even simple and practical items like calendars with a personalized touch can prove to be effective marketing items.

Small Circle Vinyl Adhesive Mini Stick Calendars

Custom calendar is indeed a perfect gift  for anyone including business associates, your sports team members and personal acquaintances. It will be used and appreciated throughout the year while your brand rakes up valuable impressions.

Explore our complete line of custom calendars to choose a model that will match your theme.