What Makes Custom Calendars Popular Custom Gifts All Year Round

There can’t be a right time to distribute calendars simply because everyone will be excited to get a calendar anytime anywhere. Though calendars are more popular during New Year promotions, reports show that these logo items remain in circulation right into the first few months of New Year.  Most calendars come with 13 months, organizers and ample white space to jot down reminders, which has enhanced its popularity as marketing items.

Calendars Popular Custom Gifts Throughout The Year! (1)

Let’s be frank about it! Life can get busy all of a sudden and we may need a tried and tested way to stay organized to avoid important meetings and deadlines, holidays and family functions.

Though we live in a digital world with virtual assistants around us to remind about all daily tasks, even today calendars make an important part of our daily lives. Most people find it hard to function without these delightful and familiar calendars in front of them! Let’s be frank about it. Calendars will never ever go out of trend in corporate and educational settings.

A calendar makes an important marketing tool because it will be referenced for 365 days a year as most calendar apps in cell phones remain less popular among the audience. Out of habit or because of the simplicity and convenience that calendars ensure, the popularity of these logo items has only gone up in recent times.  Custom calendars thus offer a huge promotional opportunity for getting their name in front of the target audience people on a daily basis.

On an average, a home needs atleast 4- 5 calendars- in the kitchen, on work desks, in the living room and so on. The best part about calendars is these brilliantly colored logo items grab easy attention of everyone around and will make interesting banter topic. Very often, calendars end up as interesting wall décor items even when the year goes by, which means your brand will get an extended exposure.

Here are some features of calendars that adds up to its marketing potential

  • Visual appeal
  • Versatility in format and designs
  • Targeted distribution
  • Budget friendly
  • Year-long brand exposure
  • Ideal for both offices and homes
  • Effective than conventional promotions like newspapers, radio or TV

Here are some of the models that can be considered

Stick up calendars: Small and portable, it will make a great way to add a pop of color and beauty to your spaces. Ideal as corporate gifts or tradeshow swag

Promotional 2018 Keep Calm Adhesive Wall Calendars

Wall calendars : Offered in a range of interesting themes like nature, milestones or landscapes, these classic calendars will make your brand well displayed for a whole year.

Custom Printed 2018 Puppies and Kittens Spiral Wall Calendar

Desk calendars: Calendars that command the strategic desk space in offices and make a great way to put your brand on wide display.

2018 America's Beauty Desk Calendars

Custom Calendars indeed make great promotional items that last for the entire year. Make sure to put your brand to get the best results. You still have just enough time to get your brand onto the walls and desk tops of your recipients. Hurry!