Look What is Hot in Custom Totes- Must Read

Custom totes are a classic giveaway for any business to impress their audience. Whether you’re passing them out at a trade show or offering as gifts with purchases, totes will easily fit your promotional plan.

Totes are indeed a great way to get your brand seen regularly thanks to its high utility. However, if you’re really looking to impress, ensure a great toting experience they can associate with your brand. Whether you are looking for an anniversary souvenir, or team spirit swag, custom totes will make a classic choice. Highly useful, popular and easy to customize, totes have a lot to offer.

Offered in a variety of eye-catching colors, tote bags will grab easy attention of everyone; and will engage the audience with your message easily. Let’s be frank about it! Tote bags are reusable, ecofriendly, and above all something that customers absolutely love. On top of that, your custom imprint on it will last through for a long time; thereby making valuable brand impressions.

Bold colors and brilliant patterns will put this bag at the top of your customer favorite list. Popular across all age groups and demographics, tote bags will make a perfect handout to your clients. Hand it out to appreciate people who have helped your business get this far.

Want a bag that is stylish and functional alike? Here are some trending models that will impress your customers while ensuring consistent brand display.

Eco Carry Standard Market Bags

These totes are outstanding promotional giveaways especially for promoting farmers markets and vegetable stores. Available in various solid colors, these bags feature extra-large imprint space and large bottom gusset. Dual reinforced 18″ carrying handle will ensure ease of use. Made of sturdy 80gsm non-woven polypropylene, it can also withstand the rigors of even a busy shopping day of your prospects.

Laguna Heathered Cotton Tote Bags

Made of 4 Oz. 100% Natural Cotton these bags feature sturdy 30″ Handles and 6″ Gusset, that make it strong and stable. Ideal for the rough and tumble of everyday use , these reusable and trendy heathered gray color bags will undoubtedly make perfect corporate gifts.

Reusable T-Shirt Style Non-Woven Tote Bags

These recyclable bags made of 60 gram Non-Woven, coated water-resistant Polypropylene have 7″ Gusset and 5 ½” Handles for comfortable toting. Offered in a range of lively colors, these bags will indeed make perfect business giveaways and party  favors alike.

Convertible Ripstop Tote Bag Backpacks

Made of 420D Ripstop Polyester, these tote bags double up as backpacks. Durable and designed to use as a tote bag or backpack, these custom giveaways are incredibly useful to get your message across to a diverse audience group.

Looking for more? Browse our collection of custom totes to choose a model that fits your theme.