Well Appreciated Custom Mailer Gifts For Your Clients And Employees

As the pandemic blues are fading away, most businesses are planning to welcome their employees back to office  and to reach out to their clients  after a rather long gap. Custom mailer gifts play a key role to foster relations and engage  the employees and clients for organizations that are still adjusting to the needs of the new normal world.


Here are a few custom promotional products you might want to mail out to your team or customers to get your message across and make them feel well appreciated and keep your brand on top of their minds.

 Anti-Bacterial Pen

Designed for the new normal world, these Satin Pens with Antimicrobial Additive are a cutting-edge product in the world of promotional products. Coated with an antibacterial agent these plunger action pens help to reduce the risk of spreading germs and infections. Spread your message and not germs by handing out these state of the art writing instruments imprinted with your logo and message.

Custom Printed Satin Pens with Antimicrobial Additive

Wet wipes

Everyone needs these antibacterial wipes to keep their hands, spaces and gadgets clean and safe to touch. Light weight and available in various compact models that are ideal for mailing out, custom wet wipes will get your message right in plain sight of your audience – both at home and  office or even on the go.

Custom Printed 10 Pack Wipes in Sealed Packs

Hand sanitizers

The simple activity of washing hands can effectively prevent most of the communicable diseases. Travel size hand sanitizers make great mailer items for your employees and clients as these will help your recipients keep their hands clean from germs even when they don’t have access to soap and water.

1 Oz Hand Sanitizer with Carabiner

Choose from various models that are mailer friendly including Sanitizer pens. Nobody can ignore the need to clean their hands regularly in the new normal world and this sanitizer pens will make it easy to stay safe. Lightweight and small enough to fit comfortably into any mailer envelope, these practical gifts will show that the well being of your recipients is something that you take quite  seriously.

0.27 Oz Hand Sanitizer Sprays

Lip balm

Summer is right here and everyone will find lip balms in a range of refreshing flavors a must-have in their  travel bags. Choose from various packages and flavors to match your promotional theme. Lip balm will make a great mailer gift that will leave your audience excited for sure.

Lip Balm In Color Tubes

Gardening gifts 

Summer is the best time to get into gardening! These branded seeded paper packets will keep everyone at home busy setting up a new garden while your brand becomes part of their newly discovered hobby. Choose from various models and price rates to suit your promotional needs.

Printed Seeded Paper Packets

Need more? Browse our exhaustive collection of custom giveaways to find something that will tug the hearts of your audience during your upcoming mailer campaigns.