Welcome Back Your Team with Custom Comfort Gift Sets

It is time to think of some amazing welcome back gifts for your team as most offices are reopened already and  everyone back to their normal work schedules. Whether your audience is relaxing after a busy and hectic week at work or are in the middle of a well- planned outdoor holiday everyone will find these custom gifts a perfect choice.


Let your recipients indulge in their favorite treats, work outs, hobbies or a chill out time at home with their near and dear ones with these handouts. The sheer bliss that these cozy handouts  promise is beyond words indeed! Needless to say, your employees and clients will surely be drawn towards your message imprinted on these wellness gifts.

No matter which audience group you are catering to, these gift sets will make a great handout. Here are some of the items that can go into your comfort gift set. Options are all yours and you can get as much creative as you wish while creating your own gift sets.

Lip balm

Offered in a wide range of popular flavors and trendy packages these wellness items of lip balm will make a must- have item into your bespoke comfort gift set! It will not just make your recipients look good but make your brand stand out; ideal handouts during outdoor events, summer festivals, concerts and fairs among others.

 Metallic Lip Balm

Cooling towels

The soft touch cooling towels in a palette of colors  that go well with their robes and slippers will be  perfect for use not just at home, but spas and  salons as well. Add your logo, message or artwork on the generous imprint space of these towels to grab easy attention of your recipients. Designed to keep the users cool and refreshed even on a scalding hot day, cooling towels make handouts with a high utility and incredible retention.

Cooling Sport Towels

Hot and cold gel

Everyone deserves a little relaxation for their eyes after spending long hours in front of their computer screens. Custom hot and cold gel packs make a great choice in any comfort gift set. Choose from a wide range of interesting shapes and popular colors and shapes to match the needs of your employees.

Custom Gel Beads Hot and Cold Packs

Neck pillow

Whether your employees are in an airplane or relaxing on their sofa, neck pillows will come handy. Add your logo and message to make it part of your business merchandise and your comfort gift bag item. These reusable everyday items will help them to  wind down in style at the end of the day.

Travel Neck Pillow with Pouch

Stress relievers

While at work or on the move, these squishy handouts will come handy to beat stress and boredom. Offered in a wide range of colors and shapes, custom stress relievers  often travel around the world with your recipients. Plus your company will always seen in a positive light by the users as they manage their bad mood woes with these adorable handouts!

Valentine Heart Stress Relievers

Do you have more items to add into  your comfort gift set? Share your ideas with us on our facebook page to join an interesting conversation.