Walk Your Dog Week October 1st to 7th – Plan Your Events

Walk Your Dog Week is dedicated to bring a healthy and active life style to your dog. Taking a walk with your dog will keep it worked out, enhance the bonding between you and the pet and above all will ensure a lot of outdoor fun for the whole family. Take your dog to the dog park or  explore a new location with the whole family; it will even make the kids in your family understand the importance of being a responsible pet owner in future. Dogs are part of the family for most people. Pet light 2


Walk Your Dog Week was founded in 2010 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige, to bring awareness to canine obesity and canine behavior in America. Dogs kept chained all day can suffer from anxiety, mood swings and even medical conditions like heart disease.

How to Celebrate Walk Your Dog Week

Businesses can be part of this initiative to spread awareness to everyone about the necessity to spend more time with the pets.  Encourage their employees to take their dogs for walking and share pictures in instagram or office white boards; the best snapshot will get the prize. You can also think of painting contest or caption contest on pet dogs for your  team to make them think about their pets seriously. Consider handouts like customized picture frame magnets for your employees to keep snaps of their pets or the strong relation that their Fido shares with the whole family!

LED Dog Bone Safety Pet Light

Veterinary clinics and pet care centers can handout pet supplies and gifts like customized pet bowls, pet strobes etc. Free health check up, fund raising events for homeless pets and adoption of pets are some of the events that can be planned during this week. Sponsor an event in your area and consider our Big Doggy Bandanas imprinted with your pet store logo as a giveaway.

Double Plastic Pet Bowl

Hold Your Own Event

Celebrate National Walk Your Dog Week by starting your own event! Pet litter scoops or   pet food are an obvious choice for pet fundraisers and doggy walks. Bag dispensers are another great gift idea that will make it easy for the dog owners to keep the trails clean.

Pet Litter Scoops

You can even hold some interesting community events like costume parades for dogs, pet shows and more.

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