Unveiling The Much Awaited PPAI’s 2020 EXPO Product Trends

Held from January 12th -16th at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada , PPAI Expo 2020 has had many hidden gems, some classic gifts choices and everything in between!

Here is an update of the product trends 2020 straight from the tradeshow floors that will unveil some promotional products making their debut.

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2020 PPAI Expo Product Trends

1.Sustainable products

Sustainable products and ecofriendly items are the rage in promotional product industry. Some of the products that evoked interest include RainAlertz Umbrella with  kraft paper sleeves instead of plastic sleeves! Marketers who wish to hold high their green credentials will find these high value items a great choice.

Wheat products including pens, wheat tumblers, storage utensils and straws grabbed the attention of the attendees. These are made from reclaimed wheat stalks, which the farmers clear off by burning- only to add up to the pollution. Wheat products are great to show that you care for the planet. These recyclable and reusable products hold the key to a better tomorrow!

In The PPAI tradeshow , it was evident that  companies  were taking sustainability more seriously than ever before. For instance products from Miir comes with a unique Give Code ™, which can be used to see the social initiative that the product is associated with- whether it be for clean-water, strong communities or healthy environments! It was a great initiative to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

16 Oz Wheat Travel Tumblers

  1. Combo Wireless Items

The trend, which started in 2019 has picked up its tempo big time. The wireless tech items that are designed to perform not one but as many as two functions piqued interest of everyone.  Choose from Speaker bottles, mouse pad wireless charging pads with phone stands, powerbank portfolios  and a lot more!

Woodgrain Wireless Charging Mouse Pad with Phone Stands

  1. Inverted Umbrellas

Inverted umbrellas are more wind resistant and will not be turned inside out by those nasty gusts and will also keep the water inside while folding a wet umbrella thereby preventing the risk of wet car floors.

 It was interesting to note that this unique umbrella was designed by a London based engineer Jenan Kazim who was inspired to come up with this design when his mother in law who complained how her umbrella  dripped all over the floor of her house!

The Blue Sky and Clouds Inverted Umbrellas

  1. Wellness products

The wellness trend is not something new, but it is still making a wave. The rise in health awareness among the general public has set off a deluge of interesting wellness products  and personal care items in this niche. Whether it is spa kits, compact mirrors, sunscreen, eye masks, fitness bands, yoga mats,  back scratchers or more-  each of these is designed to make lives easier!

Lip Balm And Sunsticks

Camo is back with a bang!

Camouflage prints are always hot and in PPAI Vegas, we could spot this print pop up even in the most bizarre and unexpected places, such as on water bottles, camouflage cooler bags and even stress balls! Not just the customary green and brown but pink or even muted tones! The trend is back with a bang. Are the marketers out there taking note of this hot trend?

Koozie Camouflage Lunch Kooler Bags

  1. Clear design

The clear bag trend has become  a runaway hit  and cater to the clear bag policies at stadiums and schools. The clear design fans will find this trend in various other products like clear umbrellas and drinkware as well.

Clear bag trend has undergone a bit of makeover with mesh designs, which makes bags see through all the while adding a novelty element. It will make a great promotional item to reach out to the fashion forward Gen Z audiences.

 Wrigley Stadium Totes

  1. Travel products

Here are some products that not just suit travelers needs but enhance their travelling experience. From travel cocktail sets to packing cubes and reusable straw kits and  updated garment bags – there is something special for everyone here!

Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Kit

  1. Outdoor staples

Products that make outdoor life enjoyable and fun are indeed making waves . From blankets to hammocks and packing sets, there was an impressive line up of products on display. Koozie® Can Cooler/Fanny Pack is a true winner. These stylish fanny packs with an attached cooler takes outdoor fashion to the next level. Great for fishing holidays, biking , tailgating fun and more, these products will make a lot of fans!

  1. Go retro

Tie Dye prints, Scrunchies, cropped sweatshirts and even old-school games like Jenga® and Corn Hole are all back. It seems millennials are smitten by the table top games and the retro fashion styles!

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