Unveiling The Hidden Potential Of Promotional Drinkware

Drinkware items make popular promotional items and research studies show that a quarter of all consumers in the United States own some type of logo drinkware items! The best thing is that half of those who own them use these 2-3 times every week; it is these repeated impressions that makes drinkware items so popular.

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Here are some of the hard to beat benefits of custom drinkware

Versatility: A unique advantage of custom drinkware items is the versatility that these enjoy. These can be employed to promote large or small companies and in all possible industries simply because everyone uses drinkware to drink their beverages all day!

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Generous imprint area: The generous imprint area is another big plus of custom drinkware. Imprint your logo and message on these custom drinkware items like water bottles or tumblers to grab easy attention of not just your recipients but everyone around. Be it at home, office or on the go, everyone uses drinkware of some form or the other to keep themselves well hydrated. It is this practical use is what makes these items truly popular among marketers of every genre!Custom Printed 15 Oz Campfire Mugs

Make use of the empty space inside: Custom drinkware has a massive empty space inside as much as outside for all your promotional materials. You can fill those logo water bottles or thermos mugs with discount coupons or flyers during awareness campaigns and special sales promotions. This will ensure that the promotional brochures get safely into the hands of your target audience as these are less likely to get trashed unlike conventional newspaper flyers and advertisements.

The best part is that your recipients will love getting a logo water bottle that comes handy in their daily lives. Promotional drinkware items not just reach the recipients but will also grab the attention of everyone around including coworkers, friends and family to give your logo the much needed word of mouth publicity.

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Use it as gift box items: Gift bags and boxes are the center of attraction of any holiday promotions especially during trade shows and sales events. Drinkware items will make delightful fillers for those promotional bags and totes you may be handing out to your customers. Make sure to slip in a your business card along with these drinkware items as you have the added advantage of the empty space inside apart from the imprint area outside.

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Themed gifts: If you have a themed promotional event or an awareness campaign, look no further than these logo drinkware as gifts. Even in a busy event, most attendees will not resist useful items like drinkware, which make welcome additions to their home collections. In the case of long duration events like health runs or walkathons, your attendees will start using these promotional waterbottles or stadium cups that you hand out to them to ensure excellent logo promotion.

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