Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Special Day

Wedding favors are the only reminders of your wedding day that the guests will take home with them. So, it goes without saying that couples leave nothing to chance in choosing the best wedding favors.

However, often couples may not have enough money for wedding favors after spending on wedding décor, flowers and more. But custom wedding favors have an emotional value and is the best way to express your thanks to the guests for their presence and their effort to make it to the wedding event. Make your guests feel appreciated with some nice gifts personalized with your message. It will make your big day extra special for the guests.

Whether it is aromatherapy items, chocolate,  wine glasses or something more, couples will find a lot of interesting options  in custom wedding favors. 

Consider your budget

There are no hard and fast rules on the ideal budget that couples should spend on wedding favors. It all depends on  how much  money you wish to invest on wedding favors.  Make sure not to under estimate the budget  so that you wont end up with unpleasant surprises later on. You can even turn budget friendly favors truly special as high cost luxury gifts with a creative design and personalization!

What are the most Popular Wedding Favors?

Custom drinkware is a  popular choice in wedding favors,  since everyone loves a good drink! From wine glasses to champagne flutes , shot glasses and more, you have a lot of options to consider. Leave them at the tables for your guests.

Folding hand fans, lip balm balls , playing cards , popcorn bags and sunglasses and koozies are great wedding favors for outdoor weddings especially during summer and spring season.

Complement the gifts with your  Wedding Colors

The gifts that you choose should complement your wedding theme and colors. If you are planning a winter wedding, colors like red, green , silver and blue will make great options whereas for spring season weddings, lavender, yellow and mint green colored gifts will make popular choices.


Print a good design on wedding favors. you can think of some creative taglines and messages to personalize these favors. You can print the date of the ceremony, monogram, your partners’ names or love quotes on the wedding favors.  Most items may have  a small imprint area where you can print your design. So, you should come up with an appropriate design that will fit into the space.

Most custom wedding favors come with only 1 color free imprint option color. Multiple color imprints are available at extra cost. You can also choose items that use embroidery or digital printing.


Choosing and personalizing wedding favors is only half your job done. A creative display  is equally important. You can choose to pack it in gift baskets or pouches for an elegant display.


Put the transportation plans in order to get the wedding favors to the venue. For instance, if you are choosing chocolate as wedding favors, you may need refrigerated transportation vehicles to prevent it from melting. Likewise fragile items like glassware items need special packing and extra care  during transportation.

Minimum order quantity

If you are planning to host a small event, make sure that you are still meeting the minimum order quantity of custom wedding favors. Get the guest list well in advance so that you can find a product that suits the minimum order requirement.

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