Under $1 Custom products: Big Promotional Impact At Easy rates!

Get your message out with a bang and still stay on budget this summer. With the kids out of school and most people off their work, summer is indeed a great time to weave in a fun element to your promotional product list. And now for the cherry on top- some of the most trending summer favorites come under the $1 price bracket!

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Yes, you heard it right $1. Before you scream, “Pinch me! I must be dreaming”, read on! $1 custom products may cost you less than a cup of coffee or an hour of parking.  Looks too good to be true? Consider these low-cost summer favorites packed to the brim with promotional power at less than $1

#1. Bike Bottles

How can you not think about bike bottles when you have all those beach parties, road trips and camping fun ideas buzzing in mind? Make your summer outdoor jaunts interesting and easy with these bike bottles that are ready for action!

 20 Oz Omni Bike Bottles will make a great choice for its fabulous color choices, push-pull cap and BPA free, FDA compliant design. These trendy bottles will make a sunny spot for your brand this season! Choose from a wide range of colors and serious summer trends like neon orange and Teal. Your message on these bottles will pop up literally everywhere.

20 Oz Omni Bike Bottles

#2. Pens

Pens may not ring as a possible gift to toast summer at least for some, but only till they see these brilliantly colored translucent pens! Great for drawing, doodling, coloring or scribbling while on the move or to beat the holiday planning stress.

 Translucent Krypton Pens with Matching Gripper will be another crowd favorite to watch out for!  Your logo will look good on the imprint space on the soft, dimpled rubber gripper and chrome accented plunger.

Translucent Krypton Pens with Matching Gripper

#3. Iridescent Pouches

This is the season of colors and brilliance – seriously. More and more businesses are opting for color changing and iridescent products into their marketing mix to bring in glitter and glamour to their events. These grab-on-the-go pouches are great for storing toiletries, makeup items or even tech accessories.

Why not make these interesting Iridescent Pouches  that are totally cool and pin-worthy your summer promotional items?

Iridescent Pouches

#4. Phone Rings with Stand

Holidays often double up as a great time for people to get busy with their phones and gadgets as well. Be it to stay connected with their friends, be updated with the current happenings in the world outside or to enjoy their favorite, movies, music or games, it’s a no brainer that everyone uses phones more during their leisure.

Axis Phone Rings with Stand will make a great choice to consider. Offered in various fun colors, these rings will make a handy prop to keep the phones upright and a ring to hold the phones.

Axis Phone Rings with Stand

#5. Hand Sanitizers

Highly useful and well retained, hand sanitizers make a great summer staple to consider. Even one sick day will spoil your BBQ plans, beach fun and hobnobbing that comes with this season. At less than $1 you can ensure that your recipients stay germ-free and healthy even during the wild fun chase and adventure events.

Lightly scented custom hand sanitizers are FDA compliant and can eliminate over 99. 9% of germs and bacteria. Your brand imprinted on the white label will get a lot of attention for sure.

Lightly Scented Hand Sanitizers

 There are a lot more. Browse along and shop for your favorite items.

PS: You can even inspire your prospects to share their holiday snaps in social media or plan a caption contest on how these custom handouts made their outdoor trips easy and hassle-free.